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Q My youngest son took his life. Will W I ever feel whole w aa­gain? Dawn

MITCHELL MITCHE M SAYS Your beau­ti­ful beau­tifu b son Glen comes through t hrough with so much love for you. y He says he is sorry for the th he way he left you and that he e has found f peace. He doesn’t want wa nt you to feel re­spon­si­ble for his pass­ing. ppassin I have an­other man com­ing comin g in who w tells me you are soul­mates soul­mate es and an that he is your first hus­band – your you son’s father. They are to­gether up­stairs ups stair and keep­ing watch over you. They are ar e send­ing se you heal­ing en­ergy and tell me you y will find hap­pi­ness in your life again. Your Yo our son is lis­ten­ing to mu­sic up­stairs and writ­ing wr his own songs. Your son is send­ing sendin ng his h love to his sis­ter whose name starts with wit w the ini­tial “L” and a brother whose whos se name is Kevin. He laughs and says he of­ten rides with Kevin on his mo­tor­bike as a spirit pas­sen­ger. I’m shown a lit­tle dog you have here on the earth. I’m hear­ing a name that sounds like Rox­anne. I feel she of­ten barks to let you know when your hus­band and son are vis­it­ing.

DAWN SAYS I was amazed at how ac­cu­rate and de­tailed Mitchell was – in­clud­ing the first names of my loved ones he picked up on. It’s nice to know Glen is watch­ing over them. My dog’s name is Roxy and what Mitchell said about her was spot on. This read­ing has helped to give me some peace at last.

Q I have been strug­gling to lose weight for years. I’m now think­ing about surgery. ry. Should I do this or do you see some­thing else that will work for me? Un­happy, via email

Up­stairs tells me that you are much more de­ter­mined and able to achieve your weight loss goals than you give your­self credit for. I don’t feel surgery is your only op­tion. Please seek the ad­vice of a holis­tic natur­opath who spe­cialises in weight loss and be able to talk to you about di­ges­tive en­zymes, which I feel is the miss­ing link that has been over­looked.

Q Af­ter shat­ter­ing life changes, I have spent the past seven years alone. Will I be able to break through this fog and find true love? Will my daugh­ter-in-law come to her senses and start be­hav­ing prop­erly to­wards me? Stand­ing still, via email

Up­stairs tells me there is light at the end of the tun­nel and you will be mov­ing into one of the bet­ter chap­ters of your life over the com­ing year. I also feel you are about to go through a pe­riod of cleans­ing in your life – let­ting go of the old to make room for the new. I’m told you will find love with a com­pan­ion you can share your life with, but I feel the need to tell you to paint, draw or write all the qual­i­ties you’d like to at­tract in a fu­ture love. This will fo­cus your en­ergy and help to get things flow­ing in your life again. Un­for­tu­nately, your daugh­ter-in-law is too stub­born to change her at­ti­tude to­wards oth­ers – send her love and light.

Q My hus­band passed away six years ago and be­fore he died he said he wasn’t go­ing any­where. Is he still car­ing for me? I’ve also lost a valu­able ring. Where has it gone? Thelma, Tweed Heads

Your beau­ti­ful hus­band comes through right away. He is holding a red rose and tells me it’s es­pe­cially for you. He loves you. Un­for­tu­nately, I feel the ring you’ve asked about has been taken. Your hus­band says he is your per­sonal an­gel and that he will watch over you al­ways.

Glen has fi­nally found peace.

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