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1 Hugh said “meet­ing my wife was the great­est thing” to come out of film­ing the TV show Cor­relli in 1995. 2 He doesn’t care about their 13-year age gap – it’s ir­rel­e­vant. 3 He’s a calm­ing in­flu­ence. “We med­i­tate to­gether,” Deb re­veals. 4 Hugh loves his wife’s sense of hu­mour. “I’ve told his agent he’s not al­lowed to work with An­gelina [Jolie],” Deb jokes. 5 He’s drop-dead gor­geous. “I like him all ways – chubby, mus­cly, skinny,” Deb swoons. 6 He re­fuses to spend more than two weeks away from Deb at a time. 7 Hugh was smit­ten from the start – he pro­posed af­ter four months! 8 He’s in­cred­i­bly ro­man­tic. When Hugh pro­posed, he set up a beau­ti­ful ta­ble in a botan­i­cal gar­den with crois­sants and flow­ers. 9 He’s spir­i­tual – the cou­ple’s wed­ding rings have a San­skrit in­scrip­tion which trans­lates to “we ded­i­cate our union to a greater source”. 10 He has a sense of hu­mour. “He makes me laugh more than anyone,” Deb says. 11 Deb knew Hugh was the one from the very be­gin­ning. 12 He pri­ori­tises and puts mar­riage be­fore work. 13 Hugh ap­pre­ci­ates ev­ery­thing Deb does for their chil­dren. 14 He’s a true ro­man­tic! “My num­ber one rule for ro­mance is sur­prise,” Hugh says. 15 He has the shock fac­tor, sur­pris­ing Deb with a three-hour lunch when he said he’d be at work. 16 Hugh’s a bad boy! “Ev­ery time I put the Wolver­ine out­fit on she’s ex­cited,” he says. 17 They com­mu­ni­cate! “We talk about ev­ery­thing all the time, Hugh says. 18 Deb and Hugh are a team and ev­ery­thing they’ve done, they’ve done to­gether. 19 It was love at first sight. He had a ma­jor crush on Deb from the be­gin­ning. 20 Hugh con­fides in his wife. “Hav­ing some­one you trust is price­less,” he says. 21 They’re ridicu­lously close and have al­ways been the best of friends. 22 He’s grate­ful. “When it comes to sac­ri­fices, Deb has shoul­dered most of those,” he says. 23 Hugh sup­ports Deb’s ca­reer, say­ing her tal­ent should be seen. 24 He knows his im­per­fec­tions. “My big­gest fault is my in­abil­ity around the house,” he laughs. 25 His love knows no bounds. “We fall deeper in love ev­ery day,” he says. 26 Hugh knows the rule: happy wife, happy life. “Your wife is al­ways right. Very sim­ple,” he jokes. 27 He ac­cepts that it’s OK to make mis­takes. 28 He re­lies on her, ad­mit­ting she is the rock of the fam­ily. 29 He has a passion for his work. “I don’t feel like I’ve worked a day in my life,” he says. 30 Hugh knows love is more than sur­face deep. 31 He’s a de­voted fam­ily man. “Deb and my kids are who I live for,” Hugh says. 32 He feels com­fort­able around her. “I could be my­self from the mo­ment I met her, It was a sense of ease,” says Hugh. 33 He can take a joke. “Some­times my wife will make fun of me,” Hugh says. 34 He doesn’t take things for granted. “You and the kids are the great­est gift I will ever re­ceive,” Hugh shared in hon­our of their 22nd wed­ding an­niver­sary this year.

35 He doesn’t get jeal­ous. “As long as she doesn’t work with Brad Pitt, we’re cool,” Hugh jokes of Deb’s ded­i­ca­tion. 36 Noth­ing fazes him. “It’s, to me, not the most in­ter­est­ing thing about a per­son, any­way,” he says about ru­mours sur­round­ing his sex­u­al­ity. 37 Hugh ap­pre­ci­ates the sim­ple things – they’re not lucky but blessed to have each other. 38 They re­spect their dif­fer­ences. Deb ad­vised Hugh not to take his ca­reer-defining role of Wolver­ine be­cause she thought it was “a ter­ri­ble idea”. But he did it any­way.

39 He’s a pil­lar of strength dur­ing life’s lows. “We strug­gled, a cou­ple of mis­car­riages, IVF – it was not easy. It was dif­fi­cult,” Hugh said on start­ing a fam­ily. 40 He’s a won­der­ful dad to adopted chil­dren Os­car, 18, and Ava, 13. “I don’t think of them as adopted – they’re our chil­dren,” Hugh says. 41 Hugh’s pos­i­tive. He says,“we feel things hap­pened the way they’re meant to. Ob­vi­ously, bi­o­log­i­cally wasn’t the way we were meant to have chil­dren.” 42 He’s char­ity driven. Deb started non-profit Adopt Change in 2008 to raise aware­ness and ad­vo­cate

Hugh pro­posed to Deb af­ter just four months!

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