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Heathrow’s third run­way

In June, the UK par­lia­ment ap­proved the con­struc­tion of a third run­way at Heathrow air­port in Lon­don. The plan is con­tro­ver­sial, but 415 MPS voted in favour of it, with 119 against. Those favour­ing the ex­pan­sion say that Bri­tain is los­ing busi­ness to Euro­pean cities like Am­s­ter­dam (five main run­ways) as well as to Frank­furt and Paris, both of which have four run­ways.

Cur­rently, Heathrow serves 76 mil­lion pas­sen­gers a year, with an av­er­age of 1,300 flights a day. Not sur­pris­ingly, peo­ple who live un­der Heathrow’s flight path in west Lon­don are wor­ried about in­creased noise and pol­lu­tion. They also fear a fur­ther drop in prop­erty val­ues, although peo­ple who own or live in prop­erty di­rectly af­fected by the new run­way may be en­ti­tled to com­pen­sa­tion. Lo­cal au­thor­i­ties and the mayor of Lon­don, Sadiq Khan, have ex­pressed op­po­si­tion to the ex­pan­sion.

af­fected [E(fek­tid] be­trof­fen

ap­prove sth. [E(pru:v] etw. genehmi­gen

com­pen­sa­tion [)kqm­pen(seis&n] Entschädi­gung

en­ti­tled: be ~ to sth. [In(tait&ld] das Recht auf etw. haben

ex­pan­sion [Ik(späns&n] hier: Aus­bau

flight path [(flait PA:T] Flugschneise

mayor [mee] Bürg­er­meis­ter(in)

MP (mem­ber of par­lia­ment) [)em (pi:] UK Ab­ge­ord­nete(r)

pol­lu­tion [pe(lu:s&n] hier: Luftver­schmutzung

prop­erty value [(prqpeti )välju:] Grund­stücks-, Im­mo­bilien­wert

run­way [(rvn­wei] Start- und Lan­de­bahn

serve sb. [s§:v] hier: jmdn. abfer­ti­gen

Too close for com­fort: a jet ap­proaches Heathrow air­port

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