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Ein Mi­tar­beiter soll mit einem of­fiziellen Mit­tagessen in den Ruh­e­s­tand ent­lassen wer­den. Die Vor­bere­itun­gen laufen auf vollen Touren – und auf Englisch.

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A cel­e­bra­tion lunch

Con­tact­ing the ho­tel

Ca­rina: Manor Court Ho­tel, ban­quet­ing, Ca­rina James.

Marie: Good morn­ing. My name is Marie An­der­son. I’m call­ing from Arco En­gi­neer­ing. I’m the PA to the head of fi­nance. One of our co-work­ers is re­tir­ing and we want to or­ga­nize a cel­e­bra­tion lunch for him.

Ca­rina: Let me take down some de­tails and I’ll tell you how we can help you. First of all, when would you like the lunch to take place, and how many peo­ple would be in­volved? Marie: In the week be­gin­ning 3 Septem­ber — prefer­ably on the Fri­day. And we’ll be around 20 peo­ple.

Ca­rina: Would you pre­fer a pri­vate func­tion room or a cor­ner of our restaurant?

Marie: A pri­vate room.

Ca­rina: I’m just check­ing our di­ary. We have two rooms free on Fri­day, 7 Septem­ber, that are suit­able for 20 peo­ple. Per­haps you could call round to check the fa­cil­i­ties and dis­cuss ar­range­ments.

Check­ing the fa­cil­i­ties

Ca­rina: This is the Beau­fort Suite.

Marie: The room is L-shaped. Can you get 20 peo­ple around one ta­ble here?

Ca­rina: No. It would be two round ta­bles. If you want one long ta­ble, then the Claren­don Room might suit you bet­ter. Let me show you… This is the Claren­don.

Marie: Very nice. Ca­rina: You can have one long ta­ble for up to 24 peo­ple. There’s also a fire­place, where we can have a log fire go­ing for you if you like. Marie: That sounds cosy. Is this more ex­pen­sive than the Beau­fort?

Ca­rina: Slightly. The room hire for the Beau­fort is £150. The Claren­don is £200.

Marie: Right. Now, how about food?

Ca­rina: Let me show you some pos­si­ble menus.

Dis­cussing menus

Ca­rina: Would you pre­fer a buf­fet meal or waiter ser­vice?

Marie: Prob­a­bly waiter ser­vice. But tell me about the buf­fet.

Ca­rina: There are two op­tions — a fin­ger buf­fet or a fork buf­fet. The fin­ger buf­fet is lighter. With a fork buf­fet, peo­ple help them­selves from a long ta­ble un­der the win­dow. This costs £25 per head.

Marie: How about the sit-down op­tion?

Ca­rina: Here’s a sam­ple menu. You can see we of­fer a wide va­ri­ety of choices, in­clud­ing veg­e­tar­ian op­tions.

Marie: We have a cou­ple of peo­ple who are ve­g­ans and one or two with food al­ler­gies. Can you deal with those?

Ca­rina: If our chef knows be­fore­hand, he can cer­tainly man­age the sit­u­a­tion.

Marie: How much does the sit-down lunch cost? Ca­rina: That’s £35 per head.

Agree­ing the ar­range­ments

Marie: I’ve just been on the phone to my boss and we’ve agreed that I should book the Claren­don Room for 7 Septem­ber with the three­course waiter-ser­vice menu.

Ca­rina: Great. Thank you. I’ll need a de­posit of £200 to se­cure the room. The rest can be set­tled af­ter the event.

Marie: There’ll be some speeches dur­ing the meal. The wait­ers will need to know when to stop clear­ing things away.

Ca­rina: When you come in on the day, you can talk to An­to­nio, our head waiter. He’ll look af­ter you and any re­quire­ments you have.

Say­ing good­bye: a re­tire­ment lunch

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