Use­ful phrases for in­ter­nal pre­sen­ta­tions

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A. Giv­ing back­ground ⋅ in­for­ma­tion

I’d like to talk to you about our/ ⋅ the… project.

This shouldn’t take more than ⋅ about… min­utes.

We started this project… weeks/ ⋅ months ago.

As you know, this is a key project. ⋅ ⋅ This project will en­able us to… As you (prob­a­bly) know, we’re ⋅ now in stage… of this project. We’ve al­ready started the main part of stage…

⋅ B. Giv­ing up­dates

As you might remember, we ⋅ had some prob­lems with… How­ever, we’ve en­coun­tered ⋅ some prob­lems.

Un­for­tu­nately, we haven’t ⋅ been able to…

We haven’t solved this is­sue yet.

C. Check­ing un­der­stand­ing by ⋅ ask­ing ques­tions

Is ev­ery­one with me so far? ⋅ ⋅ Is that clear?

Do you fol­low me? ⋅ ⋅

Do you see what I mean?

⋅ Does that make sense?

Are there any more/fur­ther ⋅ ques­tions at this point?

Shall I go through those fig­ures again?

D. Ask­ing for sup­port ⋅ ⋅

I need some help with… I need some help in get­ting… ⋅ ⋅ Does any­one know how to… ? Can you please talk to… ?

E. Talk­ing about the next steps ⋅ ⋅ Our next step needs to be… ⋅ We need the sup­port of…

Can we ex­tend the cur­rent ⋅ deadline(s)?

I’m sure we can get back on ⋅ sched­ule soon.

Let’s fol­low up in­di­vid­u­ally af­ter this meet­ing.

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