Keep­ing things mov­ing

Here, we pro­vide some key phrases you might need to struc­ture meet­ings and dis­cus­sions, as well as key ex­pres­sions to talk about prob­lems or achieve­ments.

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9. The right tim­ing?

Mike: OK, slow down. Let’s fo­cus on one is­sue at a time. Dean, what’s the sta­tus?

Dean: Can we all come around the white­board? Are we work­ing on the right things right now to get us to our goal?

Mike: Why do you ask that? Dean: We don’t have enough man­power to com­plete this in one day.

Lucy: I agree. How should we pro­ceed?

Ra­nia: I think we need to come to a de­ci­sion.

Mike: OK, I hear your con­cerns. Let’s break this down into smaller sto­ries.

10. Mov­ing tar­gets

Mike: First up, we’ve iden­ti­fied some new pain points. They’re on the white­board.

Ra­nia: It’s very late in the day to add new fea­tures to scope. I have to doc­u­ment these changes and check them with the stake­hold­ers.

Lucy: Have you as­sessed the im­pact of the changes? Now that Dean is off work with a bad back,

I’m be­ing pulled in mul­ti­ple direc­tions.

Ra­nia: I’ll see if there’s a work­around.

11. Mov­ing dead­lines

Mike: I’ve as­signed ev­ery­one spe­cific dead­lines.

Lucy: Are these dead­lines set in stone? Surely not! Hon­estly, that’s a dis­as­trous plan.

Mike: Let’s keep things con­struc­tive.

Lucy: OK, how about this? The fi­nal de­liv­ery date is just af­ter Christ­mas. We won’t have a full team that fi­nal week.

Mike: That’s a valid point. Ra­nia,

what’s your view on this?

Ra­nia: I’ve looked at the bud­get, time and scope con­straints of this project. We could ex­tend the deadline by an­other four weeks and still be prof­itable. But, that’s it.

12. The end is in sight

Mike: Can we add this to the white­board as a com­mit­ment? Nods all round!

Ra­nia: So, do we have col­lec­tive buy-in, ever yone?

Lucy: We’re all in this to­gether! Mike: Per­fect. That gives us a twoweek mar­gin to al­low for de­lays with the sign-off. We also have a buf­fer to deal with any con­tin­gen­cies, in­clud­ing late de­liv­ery of the new com­put­ers.

Lucy: Will we meet all the re­quire­ments by the fi­nal deadline? Mike: Most def­i­nitely!

Ra­nia: Fan­tas­tic team­work! Well done, ever yone.

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