Land of Fire en­ters Top 3 of most pop­u­lar gas­tro­nomic tourism des­ti­na­tions

Azer News - - Country Guide - By Sara Is­rafil­bay­ova

Top 5 of coun­tries of the Com­mon­wealth of In­de­pen­dent States (CIS) and near abroad, which are pop­u­lar for gas­tro­nomic tourism of Rus­sians are Ge­or­gia, Azerbaijan, Ar­me­nia, Kaza­khstan and Uzbek­istan.

The rat­ing was made on the ba­sis of the anal­y­sis of the de­mand for gas­tro­nomic tours.

Gas­tro­nomic tourism to the CIS coun­tries is one of the fastest grow­ing in out­bound tourism from Rus­sia in 2017.

The most pop­u­lar food tours of Rus­sians to the CIS coun­tries and the near abroad in­clude a trip for one week.

For ex­am­ple, a gas­tro­nomic tour for 7 days from Rus­sia to Azerbaijan or Ge­or­gia with air-tick­ets will cost an av­er­age of $800, to Kaza­khstan and Ar­me­nia $900 and to Uzbek­istan $1,000.

Top 10 of Rus­sian gas­tro­nomic tourism des­ti­na­tions are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pod­moskovye, Vladimir Oblast, Kazan, Tver Oblast, Tula Oblast, Al­tai Krai, Kalin­ingrad Oblast.

Gas­tro­nomic tourism or food tourism is the ex­plo­ration of lo­cal cui­sine as the pur­pose of tourism.

Azerbaijan has a very rich and de­li­cious cui­sine. Through­out the cen­turies, Azer­bai­jani cui­sine has been in­flu­enced by the foods of dif­fer­ent cul­tures, though at the same time, it re­mained dis­tinc­tive and unique. Many foods that are indige­nous to the coun­try can now be seen in the cuisines of other cul­tures. For Azer­bai­ja­nis, food is an im­por­tant part of na­tional cul­ture Oblast and Nov­gorod and is deeply rooted in the his­tory, tra­di­tions and val­ues of the na­tion.

There is no lack of recipes and in­gre­di­ents in the cui­sine of the Azer­bai­jani peo­ple: the coun­try’s moun­tain and sub­trop­i­cal cli­mate ex­cel­lently pro­vides them with ev­ery­thing needed to cook de­li­cious and healthy food. Azer­bai­jani food is cooked with beef and mut­ton, poul­try and fish, fruit and veg­eta­bles, with an in­dis­pens­able ad­di­tion of fresh greens, aro­matic herbs and spices. Azer­bai­jani cui­sine is very sub­stan­tial, nu­tri­tious and rich in calo­ries.

Fa­mous Azer­bai­jani dishes are juicy and fla­vored ke­bab, sea­soned with sour spice - sumac, pi­laf - rice dish fla­vored with saf­fron and en­riched with meat or veg­etable stuff­ing, dolma - minced meat wrapped in grape leaves or minced meat stuffed in toma­toes, egg­plant and pep­pers, kutab - a plain cres­cent shaped thin dough patty stuffed with meat and greens, piti and etc.

The Azer­bai­ja­nis treat tea af­ter a hearty meal with spe­cial love, so var­i­ous sweets and jams are very pop­u­lar to serve dessert. The Azer­bai­jani sweet pas­tries in­clude more than 30 va­ri­eties with poppy seeds, wal­nuts, al­monds, sesame seeds, ginger, car­damom, etc. Among the most fa­mous Azer­bai­jani sweets are pakhlava, sheker­bura, go­gal, badambura, keta and others.

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