Ar­me­nian peo­ple con­front Sargsyan

Azer News - - Karabakh Conflict - By Sara Is­rafil­bay­ova

The ex­pres­sion "Sargsyan and his crim­i­nal clan" is on every­body’s lips in Ar­me­nia. The dis­sat­is­fac­tion of Ar­me­ni­ans has its roots in a num­ber of deep-rooted do­mes­tic is­sues in Ar­me­nian pol­i­tics and eco­nom­ics. And no won­der: in­ter­na­tional or­ga­ni­za­tions in their re­ports clearly in­di­cate that more than half of the coun­try’s pop­u­la­tion lives below the poverty line, while many are de­prived of ba­sic hu­man rights.

Ar­me­ni­ans blame Pres­i­dent Serzh Zargsyan and his team for turn­ing Ar­me­nia to a de­pen­dant and poor coun­try. They, as fol­lows from the sta­tuses of so­cial net­work users and local me­dia, are ag­gres­sive towards the Sargsyan regime and do not in­tend to hide their bit­ter­ness.

First of all, this is due to the dif­fi­cult so­cio- eco­nomic sit­u­a­tion in Ar­me­nia: a cit­i­zen of this coun­try has to think only of daily bread. A rapid growth of ex­ter­nal debt and de­cline in for­eign in­vest­ment are the re­al­i­ties of the na­tional econ­omy.

Ar­me­ni­ans are fed up with empty talk, chat­ter­ing and fool­ish prom­ises. Each speech of Sargsyan is fol­lowed by a flash­mob in so­cial me­dia, where Ar­me­ni­ans show ob­scene ges­tures against the back­ground of the pho­tos of their pres­i­dent.

To­day, Ar­me­nian so­ci­ety is in deep anx­i­ety, be­cause, no one knows what to do. As for those who should know, they are part of "the crim­i­nal clan" and their ac­tions have noth­ing to do with or­di­nary cit­i­zens of Ar­me­nia. Sargsyan and his crim­i­nal clan are busy with emp­ty­ing pock­ets of or­di­nary Ar­me­ni­ans.

To­day Ar­me­nian so­ci­ety is char­ac­ter­ized by the ab­sence of both ide­o­log­i­cal, value in­cen­tives, and the lack of a dream, idea, strength and faith in fu­ture.

A re­cent poll also proved that the cit­i­zens of Ar­me­nia are not “happy” with their pres­i­dent.

“Noth­ing good” was the most of­ten first an­swer of re­spon­dents. Among the rea­sons for such a neg­a­tive at­ti­tude the ma­jor­ity of re­spon­dents called the dis­as­trous so­cio-eco­nomic sit­u­a­tion in the coun­try, which forces many peo­ple to leave their home­land, as there is no de­cent pay in the coun­try.

Ar­me­nia's cur­rent em­i­gra­tion rate is 4-5 per­cent of the whole pop­u­la­tion an­nu­ally, which is the high­est in the world. The of­fi­cial Ar­me­nian sta­tis­tics show that some 3,226,000 peo­ple lived in the coun­try in 2000, but this in­di­ca­tor fell to 2,981,000 mil­lion by early 2017.

Nev­er­the­less, Sargsyan seems very pos­i­tive. He promised that the num­ber of pop­u­la­tion will reach 4 mil­lion in 2040 “thanks to a sharp im­prove­ment of the de­mo­graphic sit­u­a­tion” and keeps ir­ri­tat­ing Ar­me­ni­ans with his un­re­al­is­tic prom­ises and state­ments.

Chaos and an­ar­chy reign in Ar­me­nia, young peo­ple refuse to serve in the army, au­thor­i­ties vi­o­late the rights and free­doms of cit­i­zens.

Ar­me­nia to­day has be­come a sym­bol of in­jus­tice, mil­i­tant ig­no­rance and cor­rup­tion. Con­sid­er­ing the dire po­lit­i­cal and eco­nomic sit­u­a­tion in the coun­try this is quite nor­mal.

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