Nav­i­gat­ing the Flood


When I drove past my first mega pile of trash in Hamra a few months ago, not once did it oc­cur to me that one day the whole coun­try would be bathing in a ma­jes­tic flood of trash.

Oc­to­ber rains came in too heavy this time, it seems. Or was it the lav­ishly re­fined garbage of our na­tion that could not stand spend­ing an­other week at home and had to go for a swim around Beirut?

I am still quite un­able to de­cide hon­estly. Both hy­pothe­ses look equally con­vinc­ing to my im­paired rea­son­ing. How did my rea­son­ing be­come im­paired? Well, that’s a whole dif­fer­ent story. Let’s just say that when you live in a chron­i­cally in­ca­pac­i­tated repub­lic run by an ob­sti­nately in­ca­pac­i­tated gov­ern­ment and in­hab­ited by equally in­ca­pac­i­tated cit­i­zens, your rea­son­ing abil­i­ties are bound to be af­fected in one way or an­other.

But just be­fore I turn into a com­plete lu­natic by force of in­hal­ing too much non­sense (and prob­a­bly catch some virus by force of in­hal­ing too much pol­luted air), al­low me one last stylis­tic in­ter­ven­tion.

We’ve tried protests, peace­ful and un­peace­ful, me­dia de­bates, hon­est and de­ceit­ful, speeches, compact and novel-length, jokes, witty and piti­ful. We’ve come up with hash­tags, songs, games, artis­tic dis­plays and a whole bunch of vain ar­ti­cles like this one.

We’ve tried ev­ery sin­gle trick in the book, and yet haven’t even come close to wit­ness­ing real change. WHY? Again, due to my im­paired rea­son­ing, I am by no means in a po­si­tion to understand, an­swer or at­tempt to an­swer this ques­tion. But just to put things into a bit of a per­spec­tive, I will try to end on a high note. Or at least a slightly less im­paired one. Change is not what you do, change is who you are. Are you will­ing to change your­self be­fore the trash sys­tem changes you?

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