Can­ni­bals of Time


Don’t get me wrong, I am pro the dig­i­tal world as long as it does not con­sume us. We are the gen­er­a­tion that lived both worlds and is some­how lost in tran­si­tion. We are the testers of the dig­i­tal world and the mice of the big­ger ex­per­i­ment. We are con­nected, but un­for­tu­nately we are con­nected to our screens and our vir­tual life more than we are to our re­al­ity, our be­ing, and our sur­round­ing. We are los­ing our­selves to screens, and many of them are com­ing up ev­ery day. Go­ing through my face­book news­feed is a dra­matic emo­tional roller coaster. Don’t you be­lieve that start­ing your day with such highly mood mod­er­at­ing quick emo­tional re­sponses al­ter­nat­ing by each con­sec­u­tive post is af­fect­ing your life? I’m sure this is af­fect­ing my emo­tions, my moods and my way of think­ing and go­ing through my day. In our nor­mal life–the pre-con­nected one I mean–we do not laugh to a joke, give con­do­lences to a friend, smile to a cute baby pic­ture, get an­noyed by an ac­quain­tance who can’t make any sense, and laugh hys­ter­i­cally at a quote that re­minds us of our mom’s un­think­able ac­tions within 5 sec­onds.

Such emo­tions can be ex­pe­ri­enced con­sec­u­tively, but the usual time span is a full day.

How can this not af­fect us on a bi­o­log­i­cal, men­tal level? I tell you, soon we’re all go­ing mad un­less we break the pat­tern and get in touch with our be­ing–the phys­i­cal, real one.

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