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Launched in 2008 by vi­brant Kuwaiti blog­ger Dan­derma, the blog fea­tures a charm­ing con­stel­la­tion of book, food and hos­pi­tal­ity re­views cou­pled with a va­ri­ety of ap­pe­tiz­ing recipes. How would you de­scribe the evo­lu­tion of your blog? The blog started at a time when blog­gers in Kuwait were anony­mous and would sim­ply write for the sake of shar­ing sto­ries of their lives. Then came the blog-boom where blog­gers where the hottest new trend in K-town and the com­mer­cial value of their blogs sky­rock­eted, and my blog was there at the heart of it. Now, with the era of smart­phones and Snapchat, blogs are back to where they started, a place where you still share your thoughts and life with the rest of the world. It’s a bit more re­laxed now, no pres­sure to pro­duce sev­eral posts each day like the old days, and posts that do make the cuts and get pub­lished are care­fully thought about and de­serve to be pub­lished.

How did you first de­cide to launch? I used to com­ment on blogs, A LOT! When my com­ments be­gan to com­pete in length with the blog posts I was com­ment­ing on, one of the blog­gers en­cour­aged me to open up a blog of mine and al­though I wasn't sure how it would work out for me at first, I now be­lieve this choice was one of the sound­est choices I’ve ever made. It changed my life in a very good way, no re­grets there. What makes your con­tent unique in your opin­ion? My con­tent is unique be­cause my con­tent is me, and ev­ery­one is born unique and dif­fer­ent. It is only as we try to fit in with the ma­jor­ity that we lose our ‘unique­ness’ and be­come copies of each other. Be­cause I let my pas­sions, what I like and be­lieve in, lead the way to what I want to write my posts and there­fore my blog and its per­son­al­ity come out dif­fer­ent and unique.

If you were to pick just one word to rep­re­sent your blog, what would it be? Kalei­do­scopic.

What mo­ti­vates you to keep go­ing with your blog­ging af­ter all this time? Once I started blog­ging, the way I think was changed for­ever. Some­times when I'm away for too long from my blog I find my­self writ­ing blog­posts in my mind. I go over the lines, the para­graphs, what pic­tures I want to at­tach, and the post keeps re­peat­ing again and again un­til I sit down to write it up and pub­lish it. I think it has be­come a part of my­self, leav­ing be­hind dig­i­tal bread­crumbs of your mo­ments in life, and as long as it makes me happy and con­tent I will keep do­ing it. Dan­derma will con­tinue to cre­ate vi­brant posts with pic­tures puls­ing with life and is cur­rently “itch­ing for new con­tent” to put up on her blog. She is on the look­out for new pas­sions to write about and would not mind in­vest­ing in new pho­tog­ra­phy gear along the way.

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