CEO and Founder of Kasra talks with about the un­prece­dented strides his com­pany has been mak­ing in the field of Ara­bic con­tent through the in­tro­duc­tion of Na­tive Ad­ver­tis­ing. Though the field of na­tive ad­ver­tis­ing is noth­ing new, the ap­proach this com­pany

ArabAd - - INTERVIEW -

Arabad Our data an­a­lyt­ics ca­pa­bil­ity is the best in in­dus­try, and we will con­tinue to in­vest in fur­ther de­vel­op­ing it over the com­ing years.

be­liefs -such as food con­tentis well con­sumed with spe­cific seg­ments of men.

Such data and in­sights al­low us to craft highly rel­e­vant na­tive ads we be­lieve pro­vide the best ex­pe­ri­ence for both, users and clients. We use data to link clients to their tar­get seg­ments through con­tent that read­ers truly care about and in­ter­act with.

Na­tive Ad­ver­tis­ing has al­ways been around. How do you ex­plain its resur­gence and suc­cess? What has been its im­pact on the Arab world so far?

True, na­tive ad­ver­tis­ing has al­ways been around; many ex­perts in the in­dus­try be­lieve na­tive ads first ap­peared in 1951 — Guin­ness’s in­fo­graphic on oysters. Na­tive ads are con­tent spon­sored by brands that read­ers en­joy. It is the dis­play ads that are new to the ad­ver­tis­ing game. They first ap­peared in 1994. Since then, the web has be­come lit­tered with dis­play ads. Web pages are now sat­u­rated with dis­play ads and now are an an­noy­ance to users, es­pe­cially when they are ir­rel­e­vant to their in­ter­ests, which is why their ef­fec­tive­ness is on a sharp de­cline.

This gave rise to a new form of ad­ver­tis­ing that is non in­tru­sive to the user —na­tive ads, which have been one of the fastest grow­ing seg­ments within dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing. Na­tive ads by dig­i­tal pub­lish­ers, like Kasra, are vi­ral sto­ries spon­sored by brands that read­ers can en­joy. Ac­cord­ing to Busi­ness In­sider, spend on na­tive ads in the U.S. is ex­pected to reach $21 bil­lion by 2018.

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