Walid is go­ing to XYZ Mall.

Just when he steps in, he re­ceives a per­son­alised in­vi­ta­tion from Vir­gin Mega Store for a free Cap­puc­cino on the sec­ond floor of XYZ mall.

He can fol­low the di­rec­tions sent to his mo­bile to reach the Vir­gin Mega Store.

Based on his pre­vi­ous shop­ping ex­pe­ri­ence and in­sights, once he steps into the store, ibea­con will de­tect his prox­im­ity. Based on Walid’s in­ter­est in tech­nol­ogy, he’ll re­ceive (for ex­am­ple) a pro­mo­tional of­fer on smart LED TVS with 20% dis­count. Mean­while, on his smart­phone, he can ex­plore prod­uct fea­tures and down­load a dig­i­tal brochure. He doesn’t have to pay now, but he can make a reser­va­tion or make a mo­bile de­posit pay­ment.

ibea­con will send to the store how much time Walid spent in his favourite section (mu­sic for ex­am­ple). ibea­con will de­tect which type of mu­sic he likes, which in­for­ma­tion he re­trieved about cer­tain CD/DVD’S and which artist he prefers.

So, what will Vir­gin do?

- Vir­gin can ask Walid to con­duct a re­ward sur­vey through a flex­i­ble ded­i­cated ques­tion­naire. - Vir­gin can re­ward Waleed with 5MB free In­ter­net if he watched a cer­tain TV com­mer­cial (Could be an ad for HSBC). - Not only will HSBC pay Vir­gin for air­ing their TVC on the smart phones of its vis­i­tors (a new source of in­come to Vir­gin), but so will other com­pa­nies as well. - Vir­gin can cre­ate joint pro­mo­tions based on the cus­tomer’s in­sights they have col­lected. - Vir­gin can is­sue a dig­i­tal loy­alty card (could also be a Visa card) to its customers.

Walid can de­fine which type of in­for­ma­tion or ads he wants to re­ceive when en­ter­ing a mall. More­over, he can choose not to re­ceive any­thing at all or even only at a cer­tain time.

He can re­ceive an of­fer from the XYZ Cin­ema to buy a dis­counted ticket to a film with free Pepsi and pop­corn. ibea­con will en­able him to find his way to his re­served seat even in the dark while the movie is play­ing. He’ll also re­ceive trail­ers about new movies on his mo­bile. Walid can also ac­cept to watch re­warded TVC’S.

ibea­con is the hot new so­lu­tion/ revo­lu­tion for re­tail op­er­a­tions, advertising agen­cies, me­dia com­pa­nies, PR agen­cies and re­search com­pa­nies.

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