The Rise of Al­pha Dream­ers


As we move for­ward in time, it be­comes ob­vi­ous that once again it’s not the in­vented things that make the dif­fer­ences; rather it is the deeper think­ing and the use of ad­vanced skills that will push us ahead.

A new global age has ar­rived. Ex­treme in­no­va­tive ex­cel­lence ap­pears, new de­mands on in­tel­li­gence oc­curs

Al­pha dream­ers can eas­ily recog­nise this new global age. They are con­nected and hard-wired to real life and they are soft-wired to tech­n­oclamity. They speak a dif­fer­ent lan­guage, act dis­tinc­tively, think dif­fer­ently and steadily arise qui­etly to change the world. They can eas­ily iso­late truth, elim­i­nate junk over­load and re­spond to real in­for­ma­tion. Be­cause they are in­vis­i­ble, the me­dia has failed to iden­tify this hidden new de­mo­graphic. Nev­er­the­less, as a new global mind­share, their har­mo­nious pres­ence and su­pe­rior think­ing moves them to­wards pro­longed peace­ful liv­ing and global sus­tain­abil­ity is­sues keeps in­fus­ing them with new en­er­gies. They are the front-line in­quisi­tors who are ex­plor­ing the hidden pow­ers of mankind; yet they fully ap­pre­ci­ate the hu­man frailty and the mys­tery of its ori­gin. They have col­lab­o­ra­tion built into their genes. They are blind to skin colours and deaf to dog­mas; they are com­fort­able with global age think­ing and ex­e­cu­tion. They are con­tin­u­ally seed­ing for world­wide pros­per­ity and they rep­re­sent the new con­scious­ness of mankind. Their si­lence is the next thun­der.

The seed­ing of world­wide pros­per­ity de­mands the elim­i­na­tion of white col­lar think­ing.

This new global age think­ing, with its wis­dom and ex­e­cu­tion, will steadily wipe out last cen­tury white col­lar think­ing. The tow­ers of bu­reau­cra­cies with their cas­cad­ing in­com­pe­tency cam­ou­flaged with built-in cor­rup­tion will col­lapse. Such passé age skill will be re­placed by in­stant and sim­ple black and white checks and bal­ances, bot­tom­line re­sults, and hon­est tab­u­la­tions. It will be sur­rounded by au­toma­tion and ro­bot­ics push­ing rapid fire tech­nolo­gies and it will be driven by the hy­per-speed global age ex­e­cu­tion. There is just no es­cape.

Cave­men were shown no mercy but forced to ac­cept the wheel, so what’s go­ing on?

The world is mov­ing ahead at its own spe­cial speed. It is pro­duc­ing, con­sum­ing, charg­ing and danc­ing at a tempo that will not slow down for any­one. As these changes oc­cur, the highly agenda cen­tric doom and gloom mind numb­ing me­dia blasts only serve the di­vi­sive dog-whistling po­lit­i­cal lead­er­ships. Out there, the real world is very dif­fer­ent and for ev­ery one bad thing hap­pen­ing, there are thou­sands of bet­ter events oc­cur­ring with as­tound­ing op­tions. There are tad­poles and bird’s eye views. The sky is not fall­ing and this new global age liv­ing is pri­mar­ily for global age friendly play­ers. Liv­ing in this global age de­mands new knowl­edge and think­ing.

Who are the Al­pha Dream­ers?

The se­crets of the new global age are hidden within the two bil­lion plus online con­nected peo­ple called “Al­pha Dream­ers”; these are the bright new global age thinkers of the world; they are the new dream weavers of mankind. They are far more in­formed over and above what me­dia feeds them. They are all age groups from all over the world. They are the new univer­sal cit­i­zens.

They are bold be­cause they are not afraid of tech­no­calamity; they are con­fi­dent be­cause they know more about smart de­ploy­ment of re­sources than their lo­cal gov­ern­ment ad­min­is­tra­tors or politi­cians; they are en­trepreneurs and know about bet­ter job cre­ation with mas­sive pros­per­ity to

solve social prob­lems; they are get­ting se­ri­ously or­gan­ised be­cause they have lost faith in those once es­tab­lished in­sti­tu­tions that are now drown­ing in in­com­pe­tency or cor­rup­tion. Most im­por­tantly, al­pha dream­ers are nei­ther afraid to push their own per­sonal trans­for­ma­tion into su­pe­rior per­for­mance, nor afraid of break­ing the many old rigid rules, ways of think­ing or chang­ing the pro­ce­dures around them. They are get­ting ready to openly lead the next pros­per­ity revo­lu­tion. They are the first and largest well con­nected group in the his­tory of mankind.

They are dream­ers… as dreams lay the foun­da­tions for re­al­i­ties.

With­out dream­ing, there is noth­ing but fear, in­se­cu­rity and panic. Al­pha Dream­ers are global age friendly and well armed with de­vices of global con­nec­tiv­ity. They are wired to the In­ter­net of Ev­ery­thing, plus they have in-depth un­der­stand­ing of the emo­tional ca­pa­bil­ity re­quired for mo­bil­is­ing in­tu­itive wis­dom in mul­ti­di­rec­tional spins for sur­vival. They are ‘soft power as­set man­agers’ and are not locked down in ‘hard-as­set cen­tric­ity’. To them, world con­trol and in­flu­ences are in­creas­ingly not in the hands of a small per­cent­age of power bro­kers, rather in the hands of new global age masses. The most ob­vi­ous proof of this new power is hidden in the end­less lin­ger­ing and bick­er­ing over ma­jor and crit­i­cal de­ci­sions and the pro­longed in­ca­pa­bil­ity of the once pow­er­ful and fast ac­tion gov­ern­ment bod­ies.


Al­pha Dream­ers of the UK were not afraid of the global age and there­fore wanted to ‘re­main’ in the EU. Where are the rest of the al­pha dream­ers hidden in the Western economies? What will they do next? How will the Amer­i­can Al­pha Dream­ers de­cide, and how will the US Elec­tions play out? How will the rusty think­ing, old es­tab­lish­ments face such changes? What is re­quired to har­monise and op­ti­mise this un­stop­pable force for bet­ter pros­per­ity? What are the im­me­di­ate chal­lenges; where are the threats and op­por­tu­ni­ties for the ex­ist­ing na­tional or­gan­i­sa­tional and po­lit­i­cal lead­er­ships all over the world?


Look­ing at the news around the world and wit­ness­ing re­peated fail­ures of the right­eous­ness of polls and pun­ditry drive us to won­der, are we in­creas­ingly be­com­ing too il­lit­er­ate to cope with the fu­ture? Mas­sive out­right re­jec­tion of na­tional politi­cians once re­served for far away and un­known coun­tries with un­pro­nounce­able names of the pe­riod, now so preva­lent in G20+ melt­ing pots where cit­i­zenry dan­gles in sus­pense like a pen­du­lum be­tween war strate­gies or eco­nom­i­cal col­lapses and awaits the strike of the gong. It’s a hor­ror movie of the pe­riod all right. What may hap­pen next?

Trum­peted calls are be­ing echoed in the USA 2016 Elec­tions. Is the na­tion now ready to get united or will it re­main frag­mented; will the pop­u­lous play fair and are they ready for an open game? The US Election be­tween Repub­li­can and Demo­cratic ide­olo­gies is an old model for fun­da­men­tal­ist fight­ing based on mas­sive di­vi­sive marathon of TV ads, and dog-whis­tle pol­i­tics funded by deep pocket in­ter­est groups. These repet­i­tive old mod­els, which have spanned the last cen­tury are show­ing stress. Trum­peted calls are be­ing re­sponded. First, the Al­pha Dream­ers of the USA are nei­ther Repub­li­cans nor Democrats as they only want to be good and bold Amer­i­cans and they are smartly in­ter­ested in their own coun­try as a prime agenda. They are equally anx­ious in cre­at­ing equally re­spectable re­la­tion­ships around the world. The Al­pha Dream­ers will de­cide the US 2016 election and UK’S Brexit lessons will de­mand in­tense and in­tel­li­gent dia­logue. The win­ners will be liv­ing proof of such new forces and will serve as ex­am­ples of how to make de­ci­sions over and above petty pol­i­tics. Will Trump show the clar­ity to har­ness and fine tune such new pow­er­ful forces or fall back in the old rotten di­vi­sive pol­i­tics? Will Amer­ica be greater again or go back to its slip and slide path?


A new dawn emerges to­wards 2020. Tow­ers of paper-based-bu­reau­cra­cies ruled the world and later were wiped out in the post-soft­ware tran­si­tion era. They shrank into a CD and are now left in draw­ers of empty of­fices. Now Block Chain tech­nol­ogy of crypto-currencies and times­tamped data base sys­tems will elim­i­nate and re­place most needs of fi­nan­cial, le­gal, med­i­cal and other pro­fes­sional ex­per­tise in this mas­sive push-but­ton au­toma­tion. This will be the big­gest revo­lu­tion since the start of the In­ter­net. It will im­pact bil­lions of pro­fes­sion­als. There will be no es­cape; like the wheel, it is here to stay.


Bil­lion Job-seek­ers v/s Bil­lion Jobcre­ators? Math­e­mat­i­cally, it can be proven that come 2020 some one bil­lion white col­lar jobs will be elim­i­nated, main rea­son, tech­no­log­i­cal ad­vance­ment, au­toma­tion and robo­ti­sa­tion. This tsunami is un­stop­pable. It’s a real tragedy that speak­ing about this is con­sid­ered an ab­so­lute po­lit­i­cal in­cor­rect­ness, as such,

no­tions al­ways get deleted from teleprompters. How will the pend­ing loss of bil­lion job-seek­ers be trans­formed into flour­ish­ing bil­lion job cre­ators? What’s your sug­ges­tion?

Let’s bor­row a time ma­chine: For­get about drones; imagine if Wal-mart were to sell home mod­els of per­son­alised time ma­chines to al­low us to travel in and out of the last hun­dred years. It would be a great ex­er­cise to mea­sure our own emo­tional and men­tal de­vel­op­ment. Con­trary to feel­ing very smart with a mo­bile smart phone in hand, in re­al­ity, we have di­gressed and maybe be­came a bit dumb and dumber. Never mind any evo­lu­tion­ary ad­vance­ment. A quick look at the global scene is enough to pro­vide proof.

How­ever, his­tor­i­cally speak­ing, if mankind were en­light­ened dur­ing the Re­nais­sance, we have re­cently gone through a sim­i­lar en­light­en­ment process with the in­ven­tion of the In­ter­net. Now a Multi-di­men­sion In­ter­net ap­pears; Ba­sic, Ad­vance and Su­per-ad­vance and the new global age is thriv­ing on this new su­per ad­vance In­ter­net of Ev­ery­thing. Ideas that can help not only one but all na­tions will be the most de­sired. What even­tu­ally be­comes good for ev­ery­one in the world, will nat­u­rally be­come good enough for ev­ery­one’s lo­cal pros­per­ity.

What is techno-calamity?

When the tsunami of free tech­nolo­gies makes es­tab­lished or­gan­i­sa­tion ap­pear out­dated and when emerg­ing en­trepreneurs ac­quire ex­tra or­di­nary ac­cess and power to global mar­kets overnight, the de­mands on hu­man de­vel­op­ment and its ca­pa­bil­ity to un­der­stand the wired-fram­ing of business mod­els be­comes crit­i­cal as old think­ing gets fried cre­at­ing fear, panic and calamity… smart and trained minds find com­fort in such in­tense zones.


The com­fort­able cul­tures of the past, for ex­am­ple, the ro­tary phones, room size computers and floors of fil­ing cab­i­nets era; new and in­no­va­tive changes were fiercely re­sisted. His­tory will show that most tech­no­log­i­cal ad­vance­ments were met with op­po­si­tion. Now that the lag be­tween cur­rent and fu­ture has be­come ex­tremely close to re­al­ity, the old last cen­tury ways of do­ing of “any­thing or ev­ery­thing” will be jolted by “In­ter­net of Ev­ery­thing”. Some bil­lions of white-col­lar jobs will be on the line. They will be lost in the wilder­ness of techno-calamity and only the smart will sur­vive.


Some smart na­tions are now think­ing of let­ting one mil­lion en­trepreneurs land within the coun­try un­der spe­cial con­ces­sions, tax­a­tion, visas and im­mi­gra­tion to cre­ate lo­cal pros­per­ity and rev­o­lu­tionise mas­sive job cre­ation, while many dumb coun­tries are build­ing walls. Some 100 mil­lion en­trepreneurs are mo­bile around the world look­ing for fer­tilised op­tions and far bet­ter qual­ity of life. Which na­tion has the fore­sight, which coun­try the or­gan­i­sa­tional in­fra­struc­tures and, which lead­er­ship the guts?

How far is the hori­zon; when will the sun rise and what will hap­pen at high-noon?

Once, com­ing out of the dark­ness into light was the big­gest chal­lenge: As we move for­ward in time, it be­comes ob­vi­ous that once again it’s not the in­vented things that make the dif­fer­ences; rather it is the deeper think­ing and the use of ad­vanced skills that will push us ahead. For ex­am­ple, the dis­cov­ery of elec­tric­ity was not the all im­por­tant is­sue. We had to come to grips, emo­tion­ally and phys­i­cally, to the dras­tic life­style changes that this dis­cov­ery made on our lives. Con­tin­u­ous life style ad­just­ments and de­ploy­ment of that in­ven­tion drove us to a mas­sive trans­for­ma­tion. It was not just a light switch, but rather com­ing out of the dark­ness into light was the main chal­lenge. This is also the case now as we come out of our metal cubes and boxes and launch into open cy­ber con­nected wide open global age spa­ces. We must not be scared like house trained kit­tens and too scared to step into the front yards. We are at the cusp of overly in­vented ideas, which se­ri­ously lack de­ploy­ments while we are emo­tion­ally afraid to let go of our heavy fil­ing cab­i­nets and squared cu­bi­cles and afraid of bound­ary-less liv­ing. Al­pha Dream­ers are wel­comed…

The se­crets of the new global age are hidden within the two bil­lion plus online con­nected peo­ple called “al­pha dream­ers”; these are the bright new global age thinkers of the world.

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