The Seven Dwarfism of 2017


Econ­omy laid flat on the long mar­ble slab in a very large hall, dead from eat­ing the poi­soned ap­ple while un­der the spell of witch­craft. The air in the hall is foggy and still; it reaches high into the rafters of this mas­sive white mar­ble ed­i­fice and is sur­rounded by a thick for­est with cold winds blow­ing. The audi­ble hisses of sor­row from the far dis­tant make the bur­den of fail­ure loud and clear.

Sud­denly, from the other side of the build­ing, the large gates open and a Prince, mounted on a pale white horse, ap­proaches Econ­omy. The Prince, with the deeply sad­dened face of mourn­ing, leans for­ward, bends and firmly grabs Econ­omy’s frail hands and kisses her on the lips. The fog im­me­di­ately be­gins to lift and the face of Econ­omy starts to lighten; the cheeks get rosy, and she opens her eyes. The Prince picks her up in his arms and car­ries her out­side the white mar­ble build­ing. Im­me­di­ately the for­est launches into an im­mense trans­for­ma­tion. The winds turn warm and the trees and bushes give birth to blooms.

Woodstock lib­er­ated Amer­ica to­wards a new counter-cul­tural rev­o­lu­tion and Trump­i­sa­tion is an­other such ma­jor step.

The Prince shouted and the long pas­sages of the or­ches­tral scores in­ter­twine with the dra­matic har­monic Novem­ber 2016 over­tures while the large choir hits an oc­tave in search of a lone crescendo. The cur­tain falls. The end! FACTS: The world econ­omy is pass­ing through the eye of the nee­dle and in most places ap­pears bar­ren or at a com­plete stand­still. The global mind­share is seek­ing bold, clear and hon­est an­swers. The global age will nei­ther wait for any na­tion nor will it al­low for the sta­tus quo… while ma­jor world events are un­fold­ing as you read, brand new global shifts are upon us.

The Seven Dwarfisms of 2017— no mat­ter how in­signif­i­cantly small or ir­rel­e­vant they may ap­pear, in fact, they are the most pow­er­ful and freely avail­able global grass­roots move­ments ever faced by the world; they are game chang­ers help­ing other game chang­ers; it makes no dif­fer­ence who ac­cepts or de­nies them, it makes no dif­fer­ence who wins or who loses in this or that elec­tion. It makes no dif­fer­ence, which econ­omy or what coun­try, but the fact re­mains that a pow­er­ful global age has al­ready ar­rived and only those who are part of it are ex­tremely aware of its hy­per-ac­cel­er­a­tion and pos­i­tive progress. While for the rest as spec­ta­tors, it mat­ters not what they think or do. It’s clearly dis­tinct now; the win­ners and losers of the new global en­ter­prise games will line up in their re­spec­tive queues. Cave­men were shown no mercy and were forced to ac­cept the wheel.

Self Mas­tery: The fol­low­ing Dwarfisms are the hid­den pow­ers that al­low us to freely dive deep and seek out ‘self-mas­tery’ be­cause there is no other help along the way.

TRUMP­I­SA­TION – As an ex­am­ple of new global re­al­i­ties, in a quest for clar­ity and in search for bru­tal truth, a brand new style of open di­a­logue with bold new vo­cab­u­lary is emerg­ing around the world. As a prin­ci­ple rule, on the deathbed, doc­tors are to speak only the truth and not po­lit­i­cally cor­rect rhetoric. Trump­i­sa­tion has opened up a new Amer­i­can Di­a­logue to re­place the daily is­sues coated with mumbo jumbo lax­a­tives and ‘dog whis­tle sound bites’ used as de­pos­i­to­ries; but now the masses seek strong and hon­est lead­er­ship ca­pa­ble of flush­ing and ca­pa­ble enough to han­dle the truth. Woodstock lib­er­ated Amer­ica to­wards a new counter-cul­tural rev­o­lu­tion and Trump­i­sa­tion is an­other such ma­jor step. Na­tional de­bate

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