Marie- Joelle Rizk


An­dré Rizk is my fa­ther, so for­give me if I sound bi­ased.

I will skip the part about how you will never meet a more gen­er­ous man, how be­hind his icy blue eyes is the big­gest most beau­ti­ful heart; how no day of mine can be com­plete if I don't hear his voice on the phone be­cause shar­ing my sto­ries and life with him gives them mean­ing. Get­ting his opin­ion on my projects and ideas val­i­dates them. Hear­ing about his day bridges the gap be­tween my two worlds and con­denses the vast­ness be­tween them.

Yes, let's skip all this, be­cause this is Arabad and in this is­sue, An­dré Rizk is (fi­nally) Man of the Year (what took you so long Arabad?!)

An­dré Rizk is an ad­ver­tis­ing man first and fore­most. You will not meet a man who breathes, eats, drinks, smokes (please quit!) and drives ad­ver­tis­ing like he does. My fa­ther lives and be­lieves in his prod­ucts with the most in­tense and fierce de­vo­tion.

You will not meet a man with a more cre­ative mind, some­one with more in­no­va­tive ideas, with a more thor­ough grasp of the mar­ket and the con­sumer, some­one more pas­sion­ate about his work and clients.

My two years work­ing along­side him in the busi­ness have schooled me more than the 10 years I have spent in uni­ver­si­ties, more than any ex­pe­ri­ence in my 27 years in the work field.

He is the quin­tes­sen­tial ad­ver­tis­ing man and in my opin­ion a ge­nius and an artist.

And no, I am not bi­ased be­cause he is my fa­ther, I am bi­ased be­cause he is my best friend.

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