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An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. A burn for a burn, a life for a life, that’s how it all started. And guess what? An eye for an eye, mak­ing the whole world blind is how it is going to end. Brain­washed or not, vi­o­lence is key. Eve brought Cain to the world with zero knowl­edge; yet he killed. A weapon in your right, a maxim in your left, and noth­ing can stop you.

My project’s name is CAIN, It com­prises an in­ter­ac­tive book, an in­ter­ac­tive poster, an in­stal­la­tion, a shoot­ing range and a short movie.

The book is based on the Rus­sian roulette game in five rounds: greed, re­li­gion, race, theft, hate. Each round has a let­ter high­lighted, form­ing the word “death”.

As for the In­ter­ac­tive poster, when some­one spins it, it will stop on one of the rounds, and be­neath the Rus­sian roulette a phrase is writ­ten: “don’t leave it to luck” to em­pha­size on the fact that you can choose your own des­tiny. It is not a mat­ter of luck.

The in­stal­la­tion for this project is a mir­ror re­flect­ing the phrase: “it all starts with the man in the mir­ror”, mak­ing who­ever stands in front of it, face the truth that it all starts with him/her.

The shoot­ing range shows dif­fer­ent sil­hou­ettes. The jury tried shoot­ing in the bull’s eye where “CAIN” is, but sur­pris­ingly their pic­tures were from the other side of the sil­hou­ette, mean­ing that when you try to elim­i­nate “the en­emy”, you may hurt your­self.

Fi­nally, the short movie showed a man watch­ing the Le­banese news on TV. Each story re­lates to one of the rounds and how we are deal­ing with such crimes ev­ery day.


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