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The is­sue tack­led in my se­nior project fo­cuses on the lack of or de­cline in the knowl­edge per­tain­ing to the Le­banese her­itage among Le­banon’s youth.

As the Mid­dle East is grad­u­ally de­vel­op­ing and adopt­ing western­ised life­style, it is also grad­u­ally los­ing its essence and her­itage. Un­for­tu­nately, new gen­er­a­tions are not ac­quainted and knowl­edge­able about their own her­itage. Each coun­try in the Mid­dle East has its own rich and beau­ti­ful cul­ture that makes na­tion­als proud. Her­itage is im­por­tant be­cause it brings one closer to his/her coun­try and com­mu­nity; it tells one about the coun­try beau­ti­ful his­tory. One can­not deny this fact be­cause it is part of our roots and en­tity. There­fore, I have cre­ated and de­signed an atyp­i­cal idea of a board game based on Le­banese proverbs. It is a fun in­ter­ac­tive game de­signed to bring peo­ple closer, keeps ideas flow­ing and cre­ativ­ity in ac­tion; all us­ing sto­ry­telling of Le­banese proverbs. It’s a board game for both, old and new gen­er­a­tions. Each round is dif­fer­ent and more cre­ative than the other.


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