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have been based on equip­ment or tools that you may want to con­sider hav­ing in your own en­closed con­crete par­adise. This time, we’re go­ing to cover a few tools that we had to grab for nut and bolt re­pairs af­ter I started the in­stall of the “Mer­i­can Metal Men­ace” 401 mo­tor into my beloved trail stroller “Stinky Jeep”.

With my 304 ci lump drop­ping oil pres­sure and power num­bers like a strip­per drops un­der­pants, time was of the essence. The old build-up of Stinky Jeep uti­lized qual­ity hard­ware and plenty of anti-seize at the time, but that was a decade of abuse ago. Rusty, striped, scraped, sand­blasted and weather fas­ten­ers were found from one end of the rig to the other dur­ing the tear­down.


Hard­ware isn’t cheap, but we are, so pitch­ing it all in the scrap heap and delv­ing into our bet­ter half ’s “shoe fund” was a good way to eat through a straw for a week.

We scooped a cool wid­get we spied at SEMA 2015 to help clean up the threads of all the bolts we took out. The Thread Wizard was de­signed by Alaskan master me­chanic Gary Tay­lor and works so well and is so sim­ple, we can’t be­lieve it hasn’t been tried be­fore. We have all gone to the trusty man­ual wire brush and sawed away for eons clean­ing fas­ten­ers and strip­ping fin­ger flesh. Some of us have even mounted a wire wheel to a grinder to speed up the process… yours truly shot a 3/8-in bolt across the shop and into the side of his daily driver. Judg­ing by the dent, I was lucky I

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