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The term “Dual Rate Coil Spring” has been echo­ing around for some time and we can’t lay silent any­more; put down your “Edi­tor Irons” voodoo dolls and hear us out… A dual rate coil is only a dual rate coil if you can stop one of the “rates” in the coil from mov­ing dur­ing some point in the sus­pen­sions cy­cle. In a full-on rac­ing style, multi coil, coilover shock, this is done on a reg­u­lar ba­sis with a “spring stop”. These iso­late one spring and put a por­tion of the wheels travel on the other in­stead of us­ing the two springs to­gether. This tran­si­tion of two springs mo­tion or sin­gle spring mo­tion de­fines the “dual rate”. This is not done with the sin­gle coil springs on the mar­ket dubbed as “dual rate”. If you com­press a sin­gle rate coil spring to the point that its spring rate be­comes non-lin­ear, or the coils touch each other to stop mov­ing, we’re sorry to in­form you the life ex­pectancy of your springs has been short­ened, dras­ti­cally. On coil sprung ve­hi­cles like our JKU with a sin­gle coil at each cor­ner, a “dual rate” coil is not pos­si­ble without “stop­ping” one of the spring sec­tions from mov­ing.

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