1 Con­duc­tive Ink

De­vel­oped by Fla­vor Pa­per in col­lab­o­ra­tion with UM Project, Con­duct is an in­ter­ac­tive wall­pa­per that com­bines art and tech­nol­ogy: screen-printed con­duc­tive ink is used to cre­ate cir­cuits that al­low sound, light and mo­tion mod­ules to be ac­ti­vated by the touch of a hand. The wall­pa­per is cur­rently avail­able for site-spe­cific in­stal­la­tions and cus­tom ap­pli­ca­tions. fla­vor­pa­

2 Milled Mar­ble

Stone has been made light­weight by Lithos De­sign in Di­aframmi, a col­lec­tion of mod­u­lar mar­ble par­ti­tions. Framed with steel, each per­fo­rated 121.6-by-121.6-cen­time­tre mod­ule is fab­ri­cated us­ing CNC tech­nol­ogy. lithos­de­

3 Ul­tra Strength

Graphene, the su­per-strong car­bon de­riv­a­tive, is used to in­crease hard­ness, dura­bil­ity, elas­tic­ity and cov­er­age in the Graphene Com­pany’s Graphen­stone paints, primers and mois­ture bar­ri­ers. Ideal for med­i­cal and ed­u­ca­tional set­tings, the coat­ings also im­prove ther­mal reg­u­la­tion of build­ings. graphen­

4 So­lar Fuel

(not shown) Re­searchers at RMIT Univer­sity have cre­ated a so­lar paint that can pro­duce hy­dro­gen fuel through the ab­sorp­tion of so­lar en­ergy and moist air. Made a re­al­ity, this prod­uct would al­low a brick wall to be­come an en­ergy pro­ducer any­where there is wa­ter vapour in the air, even re­mote ar­eas far from wa­ter.




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