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The por­ta­ble charger will give a jolt of juice to most smart­phones, tablets, por­ta­ble gam­ing de­vices, MP3 play­ers, cam­eras, and many other 5-volt charge­able de­vices. New Trent spec­i­fies the iTorch as an ex­ter­nal bat­tery pack for Ap­ple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Black­berry, LG and Mo­torola phones. Tablets and other de­vices sup­ported in­clude Ap­ple, Samsung, Google as well as the Barnes and No­ble Nook and Ama­zon Kin­dle read­ers and other 5-volt charge­able de­vices like por­ta­ble game con­soles, MP3 play­ers, cam­eras and video recorders. A full list of all the de­vices and mod­els sup­ported by the iTorch can be found un­der prod­uct de­scrip­tion on the New Trent web­site.

The charg­ing cord pro­vided is a stan­dard mi­cro-to-USB ca­ble. Cer­tain de­vices or mod­els with dif­fer­ent power ports need to be spec­i­fied as those ca­bles are only pro­vided upon re­quest when or­der­ing.

Also note, the iTorch has 5200mAh and out­puts a 5V@1A charge. This cer­tainly was re­flected in my ex­pe­ri­ence. How­ever cer­tain de­vices will recharge at dif­fer­ent rates and may drain the bat­tery power of the iTorch faster. The iTorch is suit­able to charge 7-inch tablets, but larger New Trent bat­tery packs such as the iCar­rier Heavy Duty Dual USB 5B/3A charger should be con­sid­ered for 10-inch tablet or those de­vices with higher power de­mands. PROS Com­pact, durable, light­weight and enough juice for mul­ti­ple par­tial and full charges. The handy laser pointer is a bonus. CONS No AC wall adapter where re­quired. BT

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