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We have de­fined Con­rad in what we call the smart lux­ury space. But what’s hap­pened over the last sev­eral years is, the lux­ury trav­eler has changed dra­mat­i­cally – much more global, younger, more ca­sual in at­ti­tude, plugged-in. And our in­no­va­tion plat­forms be­hind Con­rad to­tally line up with that new lux­ury trav­eler.

How do you con­nect your brands with this trav­eler?

We no longer look at de­mo­graph­ics – in­come level, age, all of those things. We ac­tu­ally are into mind­sets. And for each one of the brands, I have mind­sets de­ter­mined. Be­cause at any given time, your mind­set can change depend­ing on your oc­ca­sion. How so?

If you got me on Thurs­day night when I was in Min­neapo­lis, I’m one cus­tomer; when I’m there on Satur­day with my fam­ily, I’m a dif­fer­ent cus­tomer. So we have to be adapt­able and shift gears on the fly. And that’s tough.You can throw all the tech­nol­ogy you want at it, but ba­si­cally it’s just hu­mans con­nect­ing with hu­mans, do­ing what­ever they need at that time to help them win – what­ever that means to them.

So tech­nol­ogy alone can’t solve prob­lems – it en­ables peo­ple to solve prob­lems.

Ex­actly. Where tech­nol­ogy meets ser­vice is where the ball­game’s go­ing to be in the lux­ury space. For ex­am­ple, the Con­rad Concierge is an app that 250,000 peo­ple have on their smart­phones. So ev­ery­thing the ho­tel pro­vides is now at your fin­ger­tips. If you think about this new lux­ury trav­eler and their tech­ni­cal abil­ity, it to­tally aligns with who they are. And they use it – it’s un­be­liev­able – and when they do, our sat­is­fac­tion scores go through the roof.

Less per­sonal in­ter­ac­tion equals higher sat­is­fac­tion?

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