Pub­lic jobs not a growth plan

Calgary Herald - - EDITORIAL -

Re: “Prov­ince en­dures an­other month of job losses af­ter Au­gust re­prieve,” Oct. 7.

Look­ing inside the job num­bers from The Cana­dian Press ar­ti­cle on the week­end, it has to be con­cern­ing that pub­lic-sec­tor jobs con­tinue to in­crease in Al­berta (2,300 po­si­tions in Septem­ber) and across Canada (26,200 po­si­tions) in ab­sence of growth in the pri­vate sec­tor.

Pub­lic sec­tor jobs are paid for with tax dol­lars or bor­rowed money, which tax­pay­ers will need to re­pay over time.

We all see the bee hive of ac­tiv­ity for the ring road, which is a pub­lic-sec­tor project with lots of peo­ple work­ing, which is good, but all the costs are borne by the tax­payer (in­clud­ing the work­ers them­selves).

Imag­ine that project, times 10, for pri­vate-sec­tor projects like an En­ergy East pipe­line or an LNG plant, with no ad­di­tional tax bur­den and no pub­lic loans to re­pay. Eco­nomic growth and sus­tain­abil­ity can­not be achieved with­out pri­vate­sec­tor jobs.

The Al­berta and fed­eral gov­ern­ments will need to work very hard in sup­port­ing new pri­vate money projects to re­place the $100 bil­lion of re­cently re­jected projects like LNG and pipe­lines. Big­ger gov­ern­ment spend­ing may be a pil­lar in the ide­ol­ogy frame­work for the present rul­ing par­ties, but it is not a growth strat­egy, nor is it sus­tain­able. Brian McCon­aghy, Her­itage Pointe


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