How learn­ing dif­fi­cul­ties and low self-es­teem turned into learn­ing suc­cess and con­fi­dence…

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My 6 year old son was di­ag­nosed with ADHD at the age of 3. We as par­ents knew there was an is­sue but the pro­fes­sional di­ag­no­sis was shock­ing to us. We asked our­selves “what if I had done things dif­fer­ently” but to­day we ask “how can we make his life eas­ier and help him be the best he can be. At school my son was chal­lenged and up­set that he couldn’t learn like the other kids. This led to low self-es­teem and un­for­tu­nately bul­ly­ing. He would come home with signs of be­ing pushed, hit and made fun of and all this on top of the spell­ing test that he had failed. After read­ing about EQUAZEN on­line, we tried it and are now at week 7. The re­sults have been im­mense for him and our fam­ily. He re­cently had a spell­ing test with 5 out of 8 cor­rect words! “Big deal” you may think but - NO! This could not have been achieved even 3 weeks ago. His teacher’s re­port says that he is more fo­cused and de­ter­mined, and not “prob­lem­atic” and “dis­rup­tive” any­more. His emo­tional out­bursts have de­creased and he feels more con­fi­dent, in con­trol and able to stand up for him­self. Un­less a par­ent has a child with ADHD they can­not even be­gin to un­der­stand the strug­gles and pain that ev­ery­one in the fam­ily goes through. Even the sim­plest tasks are emo­tion­ally drain­ing. So to find a nat­u­ral health sup­ple­ment that ac­tu­ally pro­duces re­sults like this feels like a mir­a­cle! EQUAZEN needs to be on ev­ery par­ent’s list for pro­vid­ing that road to suc­cess for their child with ADHD. It is one prod­uct that we will never run out of, ever!”

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