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Pas­try 2½ cups all-pur­pose flour 2 tbsp gran­u­lated sugar 1 tsp salt ½ cup cold lard or veg­etable short­en­ing, cubed ½ cup cold un­salted but­ter, cubed 6 tbsp ice wa­ter (ap­prox)


7 cups sliced peeled Granny Smith ap­ples (about 6) 4 cups sliced peeled Golden De­li­cious ap­ples (about 3) 2 tbsp lemon juice ¾ cup gran­u­lated sugar 4 tbsp corn­starch ¼ tsp each cin­na­mon, nut­meg and salt 1 egg

3⅓ cups PC Vanilla Ice Cream Pas­try In food pro­ces­sor, pulse together flour, sugar and salt un­til com­bined; pulse in lard un­til mix­ture re­sem­bles fine crumbs. Pulse in but­ter, a few cubes at a time, un­til mix­ture is in coarse crumbs about the size of large peas. Driz­zle in ice wa­ter; pulse, adding up to 2 tbsp more ice wa­ter, 1 tsp at a time, if needed to form ragged dough.

Turn out onto work sur­face; gen­tly knead un­til com­bined, 3 or 4 times. Di­vide dough in half; wrap each in plas­tic wrap. Press into discs. Re­frig­er­ate un­til chilled, about 1 hour.

On lightly floured work sur­face, roll out 1 pas­try disc into 12-inch cir­cle; fit into 9-inch pie plate. Re­frig­er­ate un­til firm, about 10 min­utes.

Po­si­tion rack in bot­tom of oven; place bak­ing sheet on rack. Pre­heat oven to 425°F.

Fill­ing Mean­while, in large bowl, com­bine Granny Smith ap­ples and Golden De­li­cious ap­ples. Driz­zle with lemon juice; toss to coat. Sprin­kle with sugar, corn­starch, cin­na­mon, nut­meg and salt; toss to coat evenly.

Ar­range ap­ples, rounded side up, in crust in tightly packed clus­ters, fill­ing in any gaps; pour any juices over top.

Roll out re­main­ing pas­try disc into 12-inch cir­cle. Whisk egg with 1 tsp wa­ter; brush some over pas­try rim in pie plate. Fit pas­try cir­cle over fill­ing; trim to leave ½-inch over­hang. Fold over­hang un­der bot­tom pas­try rim; seal and flute edge. Freeze un­til firm, about 15 min­utes.

Cut steam vents in top. Bake on pre­pared pan for 20 min­utes. Re­duce heat to 375°F; ro­tate pie. Bake un­til ap­ples are ten­der, fill­ing is bub­bling and crust is golden, cov­er­ing with foil if top is brown­ing too quickly, 40 to 45 min­utes. Let cool com­pletely on rack, about 3 hours. Serve each slice with small scoop of PC Vanilla Ice Cream.

PER EACH OF 10 SERV­INGS about 513 cal, 4 g pro, 24 g to­tal fat (13 g sat. fat), 71 g carb (3 g di­etary fi­bre, 39 g sugar), 48 mg chol, 322 mg sodium, 150 mg potas­sium. % RDI: 2% cal­cium, 11% iron, 11% vit A, 10% vit C, 27% fo­late.

Take our ap­ple pie to the next level by serv­ing it à la mode with PC Vanilla Ice Cream.

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