Strengthen your feet like a bal­le­rina

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Towel curls

Stretch a hand towel on the floor in front of you and place your bare foot on the end of the towel near­est you. Keep­ing your heel on the floor, curl your toes to bunch up the towel and drag it to­wards you. Con­tinue un­til you’ve bunched up the en­tire towel. Do this a few times and re­peat with the other foot.


Stand on one leg – bare­foot on a soft sur­face, per­haps on a pil­low or when stronger on a Bosu ball, so your stance is a bit un­sta­ble. Move up and down (5–8 cm) by bend­ing the knee. Iso­met­ric ex­er­cises These ex­er­cises can be done while sit­ting in a chair. Press your foot to­wards a re­sis­tance (wall, ta­ble, chair, your own foot). The presses should oc­cur in all di­rec­tions. Push or pull with your foot. Use all six di­rec­tions for trans­la­tion and ro­ta­tion: up-down, front-back, left-right. Ec­cen­tric heel drop Stand on a step with your heel off the edge Lift your­self onto your toes and then lower your­self.

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