Power Po­si­tion Lunges

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Why it’s done

Al­ter­nat­ing be­tween a curtsy and re­verse lunge po­si­tion cre­ates more of a de­mand for mus­cu­lar con­trol and en­durance for the ath­lete than a tra­di­tional lunge. The front leg is the tar­geted leg in both po­si­tions, chang­ing your fo­cus be­tween the glute (curtsy po­si­tion) and quadri­ceps (re­verse po­si­tion). The en­durance in­volved in these move­ments cre­ates more lac­tic acid than a tra­di­tional lunge, as there is no break from load­ing in the move­ment.

How it’s done

Start­ing in a neu­tral stand­ing po­si­tion, step back on a 45-de­gree an­gle, keep­ing the hips and shoul­ders square to the tar­get with the front knee be­hind the front toe (curtsy po­si­tion). Move from the curtsy lunge po­si­tion di­rectly to the re­verse lunge po­si­tion, again with the hips and shoul­ders square. Al­ter­nate be­tween the move­ments with con­trol, sink­ing the back knee un­der the hip, flexed at a 90-de­gree an­gle.

• The dif­fi­culty level can be in­creased by adding a weight in the hand on the same side as the back leg.

• This ex­er­cise fo­cuses on glute sta­bil­ity and strength, while chal­leng­ing the en­durance of the quadri­ceps.

REC­OM­MENDED Per­form this to timed 45-sec­ond intervals of 1 minute per side, with equal rest, for 3-5 sets.

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