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One ob­vi­ous great run­ning des­ti­na­tion is the Bill Thorpe Walk­ing Bridge a which-con­nects the north and south side of the cit y. This for­mer t rain bridge pro­vides great views, and hooks up with the Green on the south side of the city to both the Nash­waak and North­side trails. The Green, along the Saint John River on the South Side of Fredericton, is another fan­tas­tic trail that con­nects to many other trail op­tions through­out the city. For a hilly work­out, run the unb Cam­pus

b, where there are some very steep sec­tions that pro­vide good climbs from the base at the en­gi­neer­ing/sci­ence build­ings to the arts build­ings at the top of cam­pus. Many of the side streets just off cam­pus where stu­dent hous­ing is found are also great for hill train­ing and work­outs.

If you’re look­ing for a long run, check out Lin­coln Trail, which stretches from the east end of the city all the way to the air­port c. The trail is partly paved and partly loose gravel, but even the rougher sec­tions are well main­tained. Odell Park d is also an amaz­ing spot to string to­gether a longer ef­fort, par­tic­u­larly if you’re into trail run­ning. There are lots of dif­fer­ent routes within the park. As it’s trail run­ning, there aren’t as many Strava seg­ments within the park vs. the roads, but the paths are well-marked and it’s easy to fig­ure out a sim­ple long run.

Sun­shine Gar­dens Loop e

Win­ter run­ning in Fredericton can be pretty grim. This neigh­bour­hood is con­sis­tently one of the first to get streets cleared by the city. The full loop around is ap­prox­i­mately one mile, which is also great for mile re­peat work­outs (I’m bi­ased on this one as my par­ents live here, but many run­ning groups use it, es­pe­cially in win­ter).

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