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One other el­e­ment of the train­ing is the long run. Even for a 5k race, a good long run will ben­e­fit your over­all aer­o­bic abil­ity. How long this “long run” should be will de­pend on your level, but begin­ners can aim for 60 min­utes, while in­ter­me­di­ate run­ners should feel com­fort­able get­ting up to 75 min­utes two weeks be­fore the race, and ad­vanced run­ners can go 90 min­utes in that time frame. Long runs are rel­a­tive to what you are used to. Try to go a lit­tle longer each week up to two weeks out from race day.

On race day, get ready to have some fun and run fast. The good thing about a 5k (as op­posed to a marathon or half-marathon) is that you can get that feel­ing of f ly­ing with less risk of blow­ing up. You don’t want to start too fast in any race, but the good thing about the 5k is it is over quick, so if you make a mis­take, you might be able to sal­vage it on pure guts.

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