Taiga Plains

Canadian Wildlife - - CANADA’S ARCTIC -

Av­er­age tem­per­a­tures: from 6.5 to 14 C in sum­mer and -26 C to -15 C in win­ter Land­scape: mostly slow-grow­ing conifer forests of black spruce with wide­spread per­mafrost; shrubs are well de­vel­oped; up­land ar­eas sup­port mixed forests (e.g., white and black spruce, tama­rack) Wildlife: moose, wood­land cari­bou, wood bison, wolf, black bear, marten, lynx, Arc­tic ground squir­rel, bar­ren ground cari­bou; birds in­clude the com­mon red­poll, gray jay, com­mon raven, bald ea­gle, pere­grine fal­con and os­prey Pop­u­la­tion: 21,400, 60 per cent of whom are In­dige­nous

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