Help­ing stressed peo­ple

An hour in church may be more ben­e­fi­cial than a hos­pi­tal

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Of­ten when a per­son is un­der stress they will send out dis­tress sig­nals. These are out­ward signs that re­veal a need for in­ward com­fort, peace and rest.

When we see some­one show­ing ex­treme anger and rage, the ques­tion is not can we see the prob­lem but how do we get them to re­ceive the help that they need.

An­other fact of liv­ing — you may re­ally want to help some­one but you may not be the per­son that they will re­ceive the help from.

Je­sus said some things to a crowd and they got re­ally up­set at Him.

Luke 4:30 “Then pass­ing through the midst of them, He went His way.”

If Je­sus the very Son of God had no an­swer then there was no an­swer and walk­ing away was the right thing to do.

Have you ever stayed in a room that was filled with anger longer than you should have? Have you ever heard that lit­tle voice on the in­side say­ing, ‘walk away, walk away?’ Have you ever tried to an­swer an an­gry per­son when it would have been wiser to be silent and let them cool off?

Peo­ple in dis­tress do not need to be poked and shocked by our ver­bal tasers. I be­lieve we have moved our moral com­pass so far away from the ways of God that we now live in a very stress­filled so­ci­ety.

We see churches that are clos­ing while we cry out for more doc­tors to give out stress med­i­ca­tion. Could an hour in church be more ben­e­fi­cial for our health than four hours in the wait­ing room at the hos­pi­tal?

We have a so­ci­ety want­ing to get high and a God who tells us to bow low.

James 4:10 “Hum­ble your­selves in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up.” Verse 6 “God re­sists the proud, but gives grace to the hum­ble.”

I have dis­cov­ered when we are at peace with God on the in­side it will take a lot of out­side pres­sure to up­set us. On the other hand if we have a vol­cano brew­ing on the in­side it doesn’t take much for us to erupt on the out­side.

There can be times when we are like a ship in a storm. The ship is not in trou­ble be­cause it’s in a storm but the trou­ble comes when the storm gets in the ship.

Tak­ing a mo­ment each day to pray is not a sign of weak­ness but rather it’s a sign of great di­vine wis­dom. You are a per­son who is hum­ble enough to know that you need Higher Power to help you find suc­cess in the midst of turmoil.

You may be in a storm right now or you may have just passed through a storm but ei­ther way don’t lose hope in God. His di­vine words that bring you into peace will al­ways be stronger than the words that brought you into earthly turmoil. His abil­ity to for­give you will al­ways be greater than your abil­ity to sin.

Your last words may have been harsh, cruel, un­fair and wrong but what will your next words be? The only thing great enough to erase your last wrong words will be the next right words that you speak.

The Bi­ble says that both life and death are in the power of your tongue, pick life.

I ask peo­ple to find a church to at­tend and I know that every church doesn’t al­ways help every per­son. What I do be­lieve is that there is a good church in our com­mu­nity for you to at­tend.

Your mis­sion, should you choose to ac­cept it, is to find the right church that will help you grow and be de-stressed rather than dis­tressed.

God bless you all.

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