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I have no idea why the Prov­ince of Nova Sco­tia de­cided to in­clude the St Peter’s-Syd­ney leg in their stud­ies re­gard­ing twinned high­ways. It is not fea­si­ble. It’s pres­ence in the study only serves to dis­tract peo­ple from the real sec­tions that should be twinned.

The sec­tions that need to be twinned for the ben­e­fit of Cape Bre­ton­ers in­clude the leg through New Glas­gow-Antigo­nish, and, per­haps, Antigo­nish-Auld’s Cove.

Yet, that ap­par­ently did not reg­is­ter with whomever cre­ated the sur­vey (‘Cape Bre­ton­ers not in favour of toll high­way,’ www.cb­post.com) on your web­site. I can’t re­mem­ber the last two-ve­hi­cle ac­ci­dent with a fa­tal­ity on Route 4 (St Peter’s-Syd­ney). On the other hand, we have sev­eral fa­tal­i­ties per year on the leg through Bar­ney’s River.

If you read the ar­ti­cle it says 52 per cent of the 329 votes cast said no to pay­ing a toll for a high­way in Cape Bre­ton. That trans­lates to 171 peo­ple say­ing they do not want to pay tolls, for a high­way in Cape Bre­ton. But then you head­line the ar­ti­cle ‘Cape Bre­ton­ers not in favour of toll high­way.’ Is 171 peo­ple a con­sen­sus?

Head­lines like this cause peo­ple to glance and think: “Oh, I guess no one wants this.” When, in fact, the ti­tle is com­pletely misleading. It would make no sense for the Cape Bre­ton Post to have an agenda as to whether or not the road should be twinned but you’re do­ing a good job of ap­pear­ing that way.

Peo­ple don’t tele­port to Cape Bre­ton Is­land. Maybe you should try to find out whether the pub­lic wants a higher qual­ity road to drive on when­ever they make trips to Halifax (and the rest of North Amer­ica) or have rel­a­tives and tourists visit Cape Bre­ton.

Maybe ask the pub­lic their opin­ions on the de­crepit rail­way sys­tem across Cape Bre­ton and how they plan to deal with an ex­treme in­crease in trans­port truck traf­fic on their roads when­ever the piein-the-sky No­va­porte opens. Will Hall CBRM

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