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Hey there, it’s me, Kathy. How was your week? Mine was hunky-dory. Well, al­most. You know me. Some­thing al­ways seems to act up or pop up in my world but all in all it wasn’t a too bad a week. Now let me tell you about it.

The first of the week, Sun­day, was a com­plete dis­as­ter. I woke up to go to the flea mar­ket and my body said nope you aren’t go­ing any­where to­day so I didn’t. The pain was so bad I slept most of the day.

I got out of bed to start my day at 7 p.m. So I sat my­self down and said that’s enough of this girl, you get your­self to­gether. I told my­self I would start to­mor­row.

Sure enough I was out of bed just like I was on a mis­sion. That afternoon Vicky came over and off to town we went. In the evening Mary came over so off to the mall we went. Then we de­cided to go watch Ge­orge play pool for an hour at the le­gion then home we went.

Well the next day I couldn’t move. So I won’t be hav­ing a day like that again too soon. I think I overtalked my­self into mov­ing.

I am still fight­ing an in­fec­tion in my blad­der. I just finished the third round of an­tibi­otics. I think ev­ery­one has an in­fec­tion in the uri­nary track some time in their life and it’s the worst thing. You want to pull your hair out. You are run­ning to the bath­room every few min­utes. It seems twice as bad at night. Well, that’s like ev­ery­thing. So I put on fluffy socks to keep my feet warm and that for some rea­son helps calm the blad­der down.

I go to the hos­pi­tal to­mor­row to have my urine checked again and see what kind of drug we will try this week.

I think I will pick up a gal­lon of cran­berry juice to­mor­row. When you buy cran­berry juice to help with your wa­ter works, make sure it is pure cran­berry juice. Read the la­bel. There should be noth­ing else in the bot­tle but cran­ber­ries. No ap­ple, no drink, no sugar added, no noth­ing else. You will be able to tell be­cause it’s usu­ally in the health sec­tion and it’s ex­pen­sive, the same as any­thing that’s good for you. It does help but let me warn ya be­fore you spend your money it is sour. Not a lit­tle sour ei­ther but sour - your cheeks will pucker.

My pain level hasn’t been too bad but again at night when I go to bed that’s when it seems to know I want to set­tle down and all my bones start act­ing up. I spend hours just rub­bing my lower leg bones. The pain can be un­bear­able but even­tu­ally I fall asleep.

This week I want to talk a lit­tle bit on pain. When you have can­cer every lit­tle pain you get af­ter you’re finished your treat­ments you’re afraid the can­cer has re­turned. That is usu­ally not the case but it is good to keep track of your pain. Is it there more than a cou­ple of weeks? Is it dif­fer­ent then just reg­u­lar pain? Af­ter so much treat­ment you for­get what reg­u­lar pain is, like ag­ing bones, headaches from too much cof­fee, or com­ing off cof­fee. Does it scare you a lot and doesn’t seem to be go­ing away? If over-the- counter medicine like Tylenol Arthri­tis doesn’t help, make an ap­point­ment with your doc­tor and have it checked.

You don’t have to be scared - you went through enough of that, al­ready.

I did a talk at the Westville Li­brary and it was a full house. Thank you all for com­ing out to see me on a cold win­ter’s day. It was nice to meet you all and for you to let me tell my story. The hour talk ran into two hours but you didn’t seem to mind. Thank you so much to the lady that brought me the spe­cialty blue­berry jelly. You were gone when I went to thank you so thanks again.

I like do­ing talks. It gets me out there to min­gle with my read­ers and you get to see the real me. I’m not just hum­drum, I’m usu­ally smil­ing and love to laugh at my­self. So if any group wants a speaker for their meet­ing, just call the New Glas­gow News and they will get me in touch with you or stop me on the street and ask - I’ll be there .

Elmo is two to­day, I guess that should read woof woof, ha.

Emily’s birth­day was this week. Hope you had a great day. Happy Birth­day. Weight Wise, I’m at 142.2. Dad and Janet did not come over this week. Janet has a cold. I hope she gets bet­ter quick. I miss them.

As I’m writ­ing this tonight the snow is com­ing down so slow. It just seems to be float­ing to the ground and it’s so clean and bright in the moon­light. But you know my life - it will be a snow bank by morn­ing be­cause I have to go to the hos­pi­tal. Ha.

Have a great week all and don’t put away your snow boots just yet.

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