I’m smart like a fox

Great­est de­ci­sions are in­ter­nal de­ci­sions made to move for­ward

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Have you ever seen the fox who was try­ing to jump for a bunch of grapes that were hang­ing from a tree? He jumps, jumps and jumps but he can never reach them. Fi­nally he walks away and thinks to him­self, “They were likely sour any­way.”

I be­lieve that there are times in life when we need to be as wise as this fox. Times when we jump and jump and jump but we just can’t reach the things that we are striv­ing for.

We tried to fin­ish school but we didn’t. We tried to have a great mar­riage but it failed. We tried to find a bet­ter job but we couldn’t. We jumped and jumped and jumped but rather than walk­ing away we have be­come chained to the places where we failed.

You can tell those who are chained to their fail­ures when you ask them how they are do­ing. They can only re­mem­ber where they failed as they say, “Not that good, I can’t seem to ever get ahead. I used to have friends but not any­more. I can’t find a good job and my health is fail­ing.”

Rather than see­ing their past fail­ures as sour grapes and mov­ing on they have de­cided to med­i­tate day and night on where they failed and have built their home in the val­ley of de­spair.

The fox could have seen his at­tempt to reach the grapes as him be­ing a fail­ure. “If only I was a bet­ter fox. If only I could catch a lucky break.”

No, he some­how knew that he was a bet­ter fox by walk­ing away than he was by stay­ing. He was sure that there were bet­ter days ahead and that’s where he was deter­mined to go.

We can all look at where we failed but fail­ing doesn’t make you a fail­ure. I be­lieve the great­est de­ci­sions that we make are the lit­tle in­ter­nal de­ci­sions that we make to change di­rec­tion and move for­ward.

Je­sus didn’t ask peo­ple for riches and fame but He asked peo­ple to sim­ply fol­low Him and He would give them a bet­ter fu­ture.

James 3:4 “Look also at ships: al­though they are so large and are driven by fierce winds, they are turned by a very small rud­der wher­ever the pi­lot de­sires.”

Do you al­low the sour event in your past to keep sour­ing the days that you are now in? Do you want to stay in the pity party of your past or do you want to move to the celebration cen­tre of your fu­ture?

The Prodi­gal Son in the Bi­ble was liv­ing in the pig­pen when he came to him­self and thought, “I would be bet­ter off mov­ing for­ward then stay­ing stuck in the muck with th­ese pigs.” He some­where de­cided, “I need to get me some new friends.”

He walked away know­ing that his past jump­ing and jump­ing for suc­cess his way was sour grapes. I tell peo­ple it’s not the last thing that they did wrong that is hold­ing them back but it’s their re­fus­ing to do the next thing right.

The rud­der in our life is our tongue and what­ever di­rec­tion you point your words you will also point your life. Wis­dom is the abil­ity to keep say­ing sweet things when oth­ers are try­ing to sour your day.

I be­lieve that you need to walk away from your fail­ures be­fore you will ever find good suc­cess. I am con­fi­dent in you that you can make it and that you are well worth the ef­fort for your best days are yet to come.

Find a good church to at­tend. God bless you all.

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