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Fa­tigue doesn’t mean lazi­ness

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Hey there, it’s me, Kathy. So how was your week? With this snow do you re­ally be­lieve that the ground­hog didn’t see his shadow? I think there was two of them in the hole and he pushed the other one out and said, ‘’Ha, that will fool them.”

My week started with a wham. I got all my stuff ready for the flea mar­ket on Sun­day and the truck would not start. Not a good sign. I called Wayne to come over to help me. He lives in New Glas­gow and I live in Westville. He came over to drive me to the flea mar­ket. Then he came back for me when it was over.

It’s a good thing that we are able to leave our stuff that we didn’t sell there for next week.

I am still down to one pain patch and I didn’t need any break through pain medicine this week, only Tylenol Arthri­tis, four a day so that’s a good sign things are look­ing up. I don’t even like to take too much Tylenol since it can af­fect your liver if you overuse them. Even though they are an over-the-counter medicine they can still be dan­ger­ous if they’re not used prop­erly.

I want to talk about fa­tigue this week. Fa­tigue from bat­tling cancer is not the same tired­ness that ev­ery­body gets from just be­ing tired. It can af­fect the way you think as well as the way you feel.

Don’t ever think of your­self as lazy. There is no way you can con­trol the tired­ness that comes over you. It is a side-ef­fect from your cancer. Peo­ple tell me to get up, you have to get mov­ing. If my body tells me to sleep there is noth­ing I can do to change that.

If I try to fight the fa­tigue I pay for it the next cou­ple of days. There is a lot of dif­fer­ent rea­sons that cancer-re­lated fa­tigue can start. The num­ber one is the fight that you are fight­ing. You fight for your life and there is no fight harder than that. Of course it will wear you out even if you don’t know you are fight­ing, your body in­side is fight­ing like crazy.

The treat­ment you are get­ting can last a long time af­ter the treat­ments are done. They are still work­ing to make sure the cancer stays away.

Stress is an­other rea­son we are tired. Stress can be as big a bat­tle as the cancer. Other rea­sons in­clude your hor­monal changes, you’re wor­ried or sad, and poor nu­tri­tion (with some treat­ments you just don’t feel like eat­ing).

The top­per for me is pain. Other rea­sons in­clude ane­mia (when you don’t have enough red blood cells), and in­fec­tion.

Try to eat well, which is the one thing I have trou­ble with. Keep well hy­drated and drink at least four cups of fluid a day. Try for six even but that’s hard for me to do. If you have trou­ble sleep­ing at night, try read­ing or lis­ten­ing to soft mu­sic. Do not play on your com­puter de­vice or text on your phone - that only stim­u­lates your brain and keeps you awake. Have a warm bath or a warm cup of tea be­fore bed. It helps.

A lady from Glace Bay wrote and asked about my grand­mother Florence Daye. Yes, peo­ple called her Flo and yes, her maiden name was Slade. She worked at the Cape Bre­ton Hos­pi­tal for 35 or more years. And when I was young she lived in Bridge­port. Her hus­band was Tom, I was the first grand­child so yup, I was spoiled.

I was clean­ing my craft room the other day. When I moved a bag of yarn a lit­tle mouse ran away.

I’m not sure which of us moved the fastest.

I jumped on the chair (didn’t think I could do that any­more) but I don’t know where he went. I knew I was hav­ing trou­ble from faint­ing. I called Wayne and asked him to come over right away with a base­ball bat. He set traps. I called my fa­ther all in a panic and he said the mouse is scared of me too and that he is only cold but the traps will get him.

Well so far they haven’t. All clean­ing in there comes to a halt un­til the room has been de­clared safe. I’m not go­ing in there. And even then, when I do I will be on high alert. I will wear my yel­low knee rain boots. I’ve heard lots of sto­ries from dad over the years where you had to wear your work socks over your pants work­ing down in the coal mines be­cause the rats would run up your pant legs. Oh great I hope that mice don’t have the same tac­tics.

Weight-wise, I’m at 142. It’s not mov­ing much but it’s mov­ing in the right di­rec­tion.

Tip of the week: The weather man is say­ing we are go­ing to have a freeze the next cou­ple of days so be very care­ful walk­ing and driv­ing.

Dad and Janet will be over this week if the weather is good. Dad hates driv­ing in icy con­di­tions. I guess we all do.

Have a good week folks. And don’t put your win­ter coats away for a few more months yet.

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