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South ducked the open­ing lead as West con­tin­ued with the six of clubs mis­read­ing the po­si­tion. De­clarer scooped the jack and un­blocked the king and jack of hearts. A di­a­mond to the ace was fol­lowed by two heart win­ners on which South dis­carded a spade and a di­a­mond. An ad­vance of the ten of di­a­monds fetched the queen and king and, when West fol­lowed suit, South could claim three over­tricks, N-S +490. A spade switch at trick two would not have al­tered the re­sult. Dummy's queen will be cov­ered by the king and ace. South un­blocks the hearts and crosses to the ace of di­a­monds to fin­ish the hearts, throw­ing a spade and a club from hand. The ten of di­a­monds col­lects the queen re­sult­ing in an­other twelve tricks.

South's 2NT re­bid was understrength but he did not want to risk a three di­a­mond re­bid for fear of be­ing passed out. This ac­tion would also be flawed be­cause the di­a­mond suit was ema­ci­ated. North will be pre­sented with a prob­lem in this sce­nario since he does not hold a club stop­per. He could re­bid three spades in search of a club guard. South would nat­u­rally con­vert to 3NT al­low­ing N-S to once again reach their par.

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