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Hey there …. it’s me Kathy How was your week? Mine had its ups and downs as usual.

I fig­ure it’s time that I up­dated my col­umn for the peo­ple that didn’t get the start of it al­most three years ago now.

I was born in the Pol­ish area of Glace Bay. They called it the Holy Cross area be­cause ev­ery area had a church in it. So the church in my area was called Holy Cross. Yes, I’m a Pol­ish Cape Bre­toner. I loved grow­ing up there and I still have friends there. Geral­dine Met­calf and I have been in touch for 54 years and we still call each other ev­ery other night. We are go­ing to be 60 this year but she will be the first to tell you that I will be the one that turns 60 first. I hear that ev­ery year.

I can’t be­lieve I will be 60 this De­cem­ber 21, the short­est day of the year. I was 46 when I was told I had breast can­cer. I had surgery, the breast was taken off and the lymph taken out. I went through all the treat­ments then five years later it came back in the ster­num. So then I went through all the treat­ments again.

I was do­ing good, well as good as I could be, then three years later, it de­cided it was go­ing into my bones. I was lucky it didn’t go into the mar­row but hooked on the in­side of the bones so that meant more treat­ments. I have taken more can­cer chemo drugs than I can re­mem­ber. I have done trial drugs and I will have to take chemo un­til I die or un­til my body can’t take it any more. But that’s OK, as long as they have more drugs to give me, it keeps my dreams and hopes alive.

I live in Westville, have a lot of friends, great neigh­bors and the best doc­tors and nurses that any­one could hope for.

Most of them have been with me since this all started.

My fa­ther and Janet and my broth­ers are al­ways there for me. I have the great­est fam­ily a per­son can ask for. My friends Mary, Vicky, and Su­san are there for me even with their busy lives. Wayne is there for me and drives me wher­ever I have to go and if there is any­thing to be done, he can fix any­thing.

Be­ing sick can also be lonely be­cause re­ally no one un­der­stands what you are go­ing through. I can’t do a lot of the things that I al­ways liked to do any more. If I try I re­ally pay for it over the next cou­ple days. I did have a good day this week and I raked the front yard. I’m sure glad it’s a small front yard but I’m still pay­ing for it with the pain.

I had a melt­down this week. I called the hos­pi­tal and they told me to take more pain break­through pills so I did and I set­tled down. I cried so much and so long my face was red as a beet.

My friend Sheri came over and talked to me and she said I de­served to have a good cry and a break­down from what I have been go­ing through the last 13 and a half years. She’s right - no mat­ter how many peo­ple are around, this sick­ness is one that you go through on your own. I am feel­ing bet­ter now. I needed a pep talk. On the bright side, a good cry clears all your si­nuses.

Thank you for all let­ters and gifts - it means so much to me

Happy Birth­day to my friend Jack. Have a great birth­day

Happy Birth­day to my grand­daugh­ter Emma. She will be four years old. These years just flew by. Happy birth­day, Nanny’s lit­tle cup­cake.

Happy Birth­day Dad, have a great birth­day to the best fa­ther I could ever have or want.

Weight-wise I’m up two pounds - I don’t know how that hap­pened.

Not do­ing so good with the sugar but get­ting bet­ter with the wa­ter. Ge­orge brought me these drops from the health store in Truro to try and they re­ally help the wa­ter taste bet­ter – at least some­thing worked.

Have a great week folks, en­joy the nice weather even if it’s a bit breezy. That’s be­cause love is in the air so open your eyes wider and you will find it.

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