Clergy must fo­cus on sav­ing hu­man life

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I am writ­ing in re­sponse to Bishop Brian Dunn’s opin­ion piece (“Pope Fran­cis’ pas­toral ap­proach,” Cape Bre­ton Post, April 15).

Af­ter his sched­uled meet­ing with Pope Fran­cis in March, Bishop Dunn said they dis­cussed pas­toral is­sues af­fect­ing At­lantic Canada and how he was struck by Pope Fran­cis’ pas­toral ap­proach, as he notes here: “The foun­da­tion of the pas­toral ap­proach of Pope Fran­cis is his com­mit­ment to the spir­i­tual wel­fare of peo­ple above all, rather than putting rules ahead of peo­ple. In our dis­cus­sion of eu­thana­sia and as­sisted sui­cide, Pope Fran­cis spoke how, the day be­fore our visit, he had en­coun­tered a young man who was go­ing to Switzer­land to rent an apart­ment to kill him­self be­cause of his health con­di­tion. The Pope lis­tened to his story, showed his love for him, hugged him and then left it in the hands of God.”

With the ut­most re­spect to Bishop Dunn, Pope Fran­cis and to our Holy Catholic Church, of which I’m a prac­tis­ing mem­ber, I am writ­ing to take is­sue with what is pro­moted as spir­i­tual wel­fare over rules.

When Christ gave Peter the keys to His Holy Catholic Church, He said what you bind on earth is bound in Heaven and what you loose on earth is loosed in Heaven. To date, there is a lot of bind­ing be­tween us which may not be un­bound. Re­gard­less, some to­day are on a mis­sion to un­der­mine this holy foun­da­tion.

Some take the full power of God’s Church to turn it to­ward un­bind­ing what they should be too fear­ful to touch. They scoff at fear of the Lord as a threat in­stead of giv­ing it it’s value as a lov­ing grace from God and play fast/loose with His Blessed Sacra­ment, in­tended to sus­tain us till we pass into eter­nal life.

Clergy lis­ten­ing to some­one plan­ning their own death, show­ing them love, hugs and telling them to go with God, is no dif­fer­ent than a par­ent lis­ten­ing to their child plan­ning their own death, shows them love, hugs and tells them, go with God.

That is not love. It’s aban­don­ment and a par­tic­u­larly cow­ardly type. They’re not send­ing un­well peo­ple off to learn life’s hard lessons. These peo­ple won’t be just more emo­tion­ally and phys­i­cally scarred in the end. They will be dead. We are not a death re­li­gion. We are a full­ness of life re­li­gion, in­tended to con­tinue un­til our fi­nal holy pass­ing from this life into eter­nal life.

Ev­ery Catholic priest, Pope Fran­cis and Bishop Dunn in­cluded, is to be Christ/God to their flock; not to re­write the Good Shep­herd/Good Sa­mar­i­tan teach­ings but to in­vest them­selves in sav­ing hu­man life; to go out to and carry the half dead un­til healed or bring the suf­fer­ing to a care giver, not send them away.

Eu­thana­sia, which I be­lieve is an un­holy death, is to be coun­tered, be­cause it is evil. You do not send hu­man life, which our Holy Catholic Church de­fines as Sa­cred, to an un­holy death. You can­not ac­com­pany it ei­ther be­cause love doesn’t have the stom­ach to ac­com­pany evil. World­wide, society has in place, proven sys­tems to res­cue hu­man life. Per­haps our Church could build upon them.

Pope Fran­cis gives many mes­sages; April 12 he told pro lifers:“You are do­ing the best pos­si­ble work ... there is no more im­por­tant work from this ... save as many lives as pos­si­ble.” Maybe Bishop Dunn could write a com­pelling let­ter about this, as he did in 2016, ask­ing us to unite against the eu­thana­sia trav­esty. An­gela MacDougall, Jamesville, Vic­to­ria County

I will strate­gi­cally vote any­one but Lib­eral on May 30 be­cause Stephen Mc­Neil’s Lib­er­als abol­ished the Cape Bre­ton Re­gional Health Author­ity to save money.

This ac­tion re­sulted in fewer home care ser­vices for peo­ple like me and my fam­ily, ser­vices needed to keep a fam­ily mem­ber out of a nurs­ing home and ser­vices which are now paid for en­tirely out-of-pocket.

It angers me that the Mc­Neil’s gov­ern­ment is tak­ing money from peo­ple like us and spend­ing it on pri­vate com­pa­nies in Lib­eral Main­land rid­ings.

For in­stance, PEI-based Bay Fer­ries gets over $33 mil­lion and profit guar­an­tees to pro­vide eight months of ser­vice from Yar­mouth to Maine. Up­per Ce­ments Park in Mc­Neil’s rid­ing got a tax­payer’s gift of $300,000.

In­ter­est­ingly, Mc­Neil was re­ported by the CBC on June 14, 2016 as hav­ing told Cape Bre­ton busi­ness and po­lit­i­cal lead­ers that: “there would be no money from the province to build a con­tainer ter­mi­nal in Syd­ney.” canada/nova-sco­tia/pre­mier­stephen-mc­neil-syd­ney-areacham­ber-com­merce-1.3635104

So, re-elect­ing a Lib­eral MLA means Cape Bre­ton­ers like me will con­tinue to pay ex­tra to keep fam­ily mem­bers at home and, in my opin­ion, it will en­able the Mc­Neil gov­ern­ment to sup­port ex­pen­sive pri­vate ven­tures on the Main­land while do­ing noth­ing to de­velop a con­tainer ter­mi­nal here.

Not much of a deal as far as I’m con­cerned. Toby Mor­ris Syd­ney

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