Hugh Jack­man’s se­cret?

He didn’t know wolver­ines are real

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Af­ter play­ing Wolver­ine in nine movies, Hugh Jack­man ar­guably knows more about the su­per­hero than any­one. But that wasn’t al­ways the case.

He re­calls re­search­ing the an­i­mal when he first got the role and be­ing some­what mis­taken about the char­ac­ter. For one thing, he had no idea that a wolver­ine is a real crea­ture.

“I didn’t even know there was a wolver­ine. I lit­er­ally, em­bar­rass­ingly did about two weeks of re­search on wolves. I was re­hears­ing for three weeks and I was shoot­ing, so I was kind of on my own. I re­mem­ber go­ing past an IMAX in Toronto, and there was an IMAX doc­u­men­tary about wolves, and so I thought, ‘I’ll go and see that,”’ Jack­man said Wed­nes­day.

When they stared shoot­ing 2000’s “X-Men,” di­rec­tor Bryan Singer no­ticed some­thing wasn’t right with Jack­man’s per­for­mance.

“He said, ‘Are you sort of walk­ing funny, what’s go­ing on?’ And I said, ‘I’ve been do­ing this thing with wolves,’ and he goes, ‘You know you’re not a wolf, right?”’ Jack­man re­called.

The ac­tor was gently told he was to por­tray a wolver­ine, not a wolf. “I said, ‘Well, there’s no such thing as a wolver­ine,”’ Jack­man said. Singer re­sponded: “‘Go to the zoo, dude.’ I lit­er­ally didn’t know it ex­isted,” Jack­man said.

A wolver­ine is a mam­mal that re­sem­bles a small bear but is ac­tu­ally the largest mem­ber of the weasel fam­ily. The Wolver­ine that Jack­man plays on­screen is a mu­tant born with su­per-hu­man senses and the power to heal from al­most any wound.

Ear­lier this year, Jack­man marked the char­ac­ter’s fi­nal per­for­mance in “Logan,” and is now pro­mot­ing the film’s spe­cial treat­ment “Logan Noir,” with a black-and-white ver­sion of the film in the­atres ahead of the DVD re­lease.

While “Logan” takes on a grit­tier look and feel than the other movies of the fran­chise, di­rec­tor James Man­gold, who also cowrote the screen­play, wanted the story to be more sen­ti­men­tal.


Hugh Jack­man at­tends a screen­ing of “Logan” in New York.

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