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Tea pro­vides a wide va­ri­ety of ben­e­fits

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Hey there, it’s me, Kathy. How was your week? I had a good week. I had my ups and downs like ev­ery­one else. The only thing that was re­ally hurt­ing was my wrist and my toe — other than that it was not too bad.

To the woman who wrote and told me she had made a bunch of knit­ted knock­ers for the hos­pi­tal, I put your let­ter away with your phone num­ber. Now I don’t know where it is so could you drop them off at the hos­pi­tal?

Go to the sec­ond floor to the chemo unit and give them to any of the nurses or ask for the cancer nav­i­ga­tor Bon­nie and they will help you.

Thank you so much for knit­ting them for us — they are so com­fort­able to wear.

Did you know that wear­ing lip­stick re­duces the risk of lip cancer by 50 per cent? It’s be­lieved to be the rea­son that men get lip cancer more then woman.

Ul­tra­vi­o­let light is a trig­ger for lip cancer and by ap­ply­ing lip­stick, whether it con­tains a SPF or not, you block the ex­po­sure. Men can use lip balm be­cause it does the same thing.

Just by drink­ing a cup of tea, you’re low­er­ing your blood pres­sure and fight­ing off cancer, os­teo­poro­sis, heart dis­ease and wrin­kles.

It has only lately been re­vealed to have re­mark­able an­ti­ag­ing pow­ers. It’s packed with flavonoids that are dis­ease-fight­ing com­pounds that re­duce the dam­ag­ing ef­fects of free rad­i­cals on your body’s cells.

Tea con­tains a po­tent va­ri­ety called cat­e­chins that have been shown to be more pow­er­ful than vi­ta­mins C and E in test­ing.

But that is just one of tea’s nearly 4,000 phy­to­chem­i­cals that are thought to work syn­er­gis­ti­cally to fight dis­ease.

Tea should be made with freshly boiled water but not boil­ing water (boil­ing water can re­duce the an­tiox­i­dant).

So let the water sit in the pot for a minute be­fore putting your tea ball in. Al­low it to steep for about five min­utes to bring out its cat­e­chins. Ad­ding milk will not af­fect the health ben­e­fits. I went to the tea shop in town re­cently to get some tea to help my grand­daugh­ter get over her stom­ach pain and he sug­gested caramel rooi­bos. It helps with the stom­ach. It worked. I had a happy girl. Don’t look up dis­eases on the in­ter­net be­cause it will scare you to death. All the symp­toms are al­most the same and you are sure to say “oh my god, that’s what I have.”

My grand­daugh­ter looked up some symp­toms and that was it, she said she was go­ing to die soon. I told her what I al­ways told the kids — go to the bath­room you will be fine and sure enough they were. If you aren’t feel­ing well go to your doc­tor not the in­ter­net. They will have more knowl­edge and know you bet­ter then the in­ter­net so don’t scare your­self.

I have never used the in­ter­net for any of my ill­nesses. I al­ways waited to see my doc­tor.

The weather has been great this week. I know we are all com­plain­ing about the heat but it won’t be long that we will be wish­ing it was here.

Re­mem­ber to drink lots of water and make sure our el­derly are drink­ing lots of water too. That’s an­other thing tea does. It will cool you down in the sum­mer as well as warm you up in the win­ter. It was nice to meet all the new peo­ple who stopped me in town and in stores to say they like my col­umn, thank you very much. I have a friend go­ing through a cancer op­er­a­tion this week. I need you to send prayers her way and good vibes. Weight wise, I’m stay­ing the same.

Janet is feel­ing bet­ter. Her and dad were over this week to help with the flea mar­ket.

Tip of the week: Eat the fruits that are in sea­son now and no­tice the dif­fer­ence be­tween fresh and shipped. Have a good week folks. It’s time to read that book you were sav­ing for beach sea­son.

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