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Sport: Skele­ton Home­town: Cal­gary Birth­date: March 17, 1994 Height/weight: 1.76 m/69 kg No­table: Won gold at two World Cup stops in 2016-17, ranked No. 5 in the world. Q What does a typ­i­cal train­ing day look like for you?

A On Mon­days I have to get up and be at train­ing for 9 a.m. I train from nine un­til about 12:30-1. I then go to my coach’s house to hang out un­til our sec­ond train­ing ses­sion be­cause I live too far away to go home and then come back. Then around 2 we head back to the gym to do our weightlift ses­sions. That’s kind of how our Mon­days and Fri­days are. Tues­day morn­ing we’re in the gym, Wed­nes­day morn­ing we’re out run­ning, usu­ally in a field or at a park in Cal­gary where there’s beach vol­ley­ball. We use the sand there — that’s our fancy beach in Cal­gary. Then on Satur­day morn­ings as well.

Q Canada’s skele­ton team has had suc­cess in the past — led by Mel­lisa Hollingsworth — and last year, with you, Mirela Rah­neva and Jane Chan­nell. Do you guys feel like a team or is it a com­pe­ti­tion?

A It’s re­ally dif­fi­cult be­cause it is a team sport, but we are in­di­vid­u­als and we’re still com­pet­ing against each other. So some­times there’s a lit­tle bit of “not-open­ness” be­tween each other, which is un­for­tu­nate. But you want your­self to be the best and I want to be as gen­er­ous as pos­si­ble with my time and my equip­ment and my knowl­edge.

Q What are the key ath­letic at­tributes of a suc­cess­ful skele­ton ath­lete?

A I think that skele­ton’s re­ally cool in the fact that any kind of body type can be suc­cess­ful. Be­cause if you put Jane (Chan­nell) stand­ing side-by-side, we don’t re­ally look very sim­i­lar. She’s a lit­tle bit shorter, more pow­er­ful, re­ally quick on the start. Whereas my­self, I’m a lit­tle bit lankier, a lit­tle bit taller, longer limbs . ... But then it also comes into the men­tal side, where when you’re driv­ing down the track you have to be able to fo­cus and be very task-ori­ented. Be­cause other­wise you can crash.

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