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I wanted to share with you my ap­pre­ci­a­tion for your ar­ti­cle “No More Fear” [ELLE Spe­cial]. I’m a lec­turer at the Univer­sity of Wind­sor, and stu­dents fre­quently com­ment on my sense of style and ap­pear­ance. As a pro­fes­sor, I can’t help but no­tice the great em­pha­sis they place on my dress and the way I look. I know that I don’t fit the typ­i­cal pro­file of what a pro­fes­sor looks like; how­ever, some­times I ques­tion my choices be­cause I wonder what my col­leagues and stu­dents might think. To­day, I try not to ru­mi­nate too much on what oth­ers think, and I want to de­bunk the no­tion that pro­fes­sors are not savvy dressers. RENU, EMAIL

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