What do the stars hold for you?

How to make the most of the next five years.

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(DEC. 22 – JAN. 19)

You will profit from the wealth and re­sources of oth­ers this year. You might in­herit money, get money back from the gov­ern­ment or ben­e­fit in­di­rectly from an in­crease in your part­ner’s in­come. Travel for plea­sure nat­u­rally fol­lows in 2016. (Some will choose school­ing.) Cu­ri­ous cir­cum­stances un­fold in 2016: At that time, you will re­ceive recog­ni­tion for your ef­forts since 2003, yet you will also dis­man­tle much of what you cre­ated in that time by let­ting go of peo­ple, places and pos­ses­sions. An in­creased pop­u­lar­ity buoys your spir­its in 2018, when you en­ter a new cy­cle. This tran­si­tion will be easy be­cause, by 2020, lucky Jupiter will be in your sign. MANTRA: I re­ceive gifts, money and favours from oth­ers with grat­i­tude.

(JAN. 20 – FEB. 19)

This year you might grad­u­ate, marry, get a pro­mo­tion or launch your own company. What­ever makes you proud will hap­pen. In ad­di­tion, 2015 is a fab­u­lous year to get mar­ried and ben­e­fit from part­ner­ships. In 2016, money and wealth from oth­ers will bless you, which is why you will travel, ex­plore the world or get fur­ther ed­u­ca­tion in 2017. You are the big win­ner at this stage in your life be­cause, by 2018, you will im­press your peers and re­ceive awards and pro­mo­tions. Suc­cess looks sexy, so you are popular in 2019. (Ev­ery­one wants to sit at your ta­ble.) By 2020, you will feel re­warded, con­tent and ful­filled. MANTRA: I am grate­ful to be able to share my suc­cess with loved ones.

(FEB. 20 – MARCH 20)

Now is the time to get a bet­ter job, bet­ter du­ties, bet­ter work­ing con­di­tions or a bet­ter boss. Be­lieve this! Next year, your clos­est re­la­tion­ships will im­prove. Warm friend­ships will be­gin, and ca­sual re­la­tion­ships will be­come com­mit­ted; 2016 is a lovely year to marry. This could be why you ben­e­fit fi­nan­cially from the wealth of some­one in 2017. How­ever, another rea­son for this in­creased wealth is that you will be in your time of har­vest from 2016 to 2020. And to bol­ster this fur­ther, your rep­u­ta­tion will be stel­lar in 2019. Peo­ple will know who you are and re­spect you. (No won­der your pop­u­lar­ity gets a huge boost in 2020.) MANTRA: When I im­prove my job this year, fab­u­lous re­wards will follow.

(MARCH 21 – APRIL 20)

You will get to the top of your game in the next five years, and here’s how: This year, you have huge chances to im­prove your job or get a bet­ter one. By 2016 to 2017, you are sup­ported by close part­ner­ships (both pro­fes­sional and per­sonal), which is ex­actly what you need. Phys­i­cal and fi­nan­cial support from oth­ers will come to you in 2018, which is why you will travel in 2019 and ex­plore av­enues in pub­lish­ing, medicine, the law and higher ed­u­ca­tion. By 2020, your name is up in lights. Ta-dah! This won­der­ful time of har­vest ac­tu­ally be­gins in 2018 and grows from that point on­ward. MANTRA: The key to my suc­cess is nail­ing the right job this year.

(APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

Real es­tate, fam­ily and fi­nan­cial se­cu­rity are im­por­tant to you, and th­ese are the ar­eas where you will make great strides this year. You have the best chance in over a decade to buy and sell prop­erty, or you can invest in your own home by buy­ing beau­ti­ful things for it. Ei­ther way, you will en­joy warm, loving fam­ily re­la­tion­ships. By 2016, va­ca­tions will de­light; in 2017, you are hum­ming in your job. Part­ner­ships are fab­u­lous in 2018, which, in­ci­den­tally, is a great year to marry. The wealth of oth­ers ben­e­fits you the fol­low­ing year and, by 2020, you will ex­pand your world through travel or suc­cess in pub­lish­ing, me­dia, medicine and the law. In fact, 2020 is your ca­reer peak in life. MANTRA: This year, I must cre­ate the home I love.

(MAY 21 – JUNE 20)

You’re bust­ing your buns to show the world what you’re made of. It’s over­whelm­ing, but you can do it. By 2016, the ku­dos and ac­co­lades you hope for will be yours. This year, you will travel, write, edit and act. The next year and a bit (2016 and early 2017) is the per­fect time for real-es­tate op­por­tu­ni­ties: buy, sell or spec­u­late. How­ever, part­ner­ships will be chal­leng­ing then—be aware of this. In 2018, you will im­prove your job or get a bet­ter one. By 2019, part­ner­ships will have gone from bad to ex­cel­lent; it will be a great time to not only marry but also be­gin pro­fes­sional part­ner­ships, which could be why you re­ceive money and favours from oth­ers in 2020. MANTRA: The key to my fu­ture suc­cess is to have a pos­i­tive out­look this year.

(JUNE 21 – JULY 22)

This year, you will boost your earn­ings. This in­crease in wealth will help you make home im­prove­ments in 2016 and 2017. Whether you change res­i­dences or im­prove where you now live, your home will feel richer, big­ger and more lux­u­ri­ous. In fact, ev­ery­thing re­lated to home and fam­ily will be joy­ful and sat­is­fy­ing. Around 2017 to 2018, you might ex­pand your fam­ily through mar­riage, birth or adop­tion. This will also be a time when you are rec­og­nized for all the hard work you will have done from 2015 to 2018. This is why you im­prove your job in 2019 and en­joy warm part­ner­ships in 2020. MANTRA: My as­sets and wealth will in­crease this year.

(JULY 23 – AUG. 22)

This is a fab­u­lous year for you be­cause Jupiter is in your sign, so it’s lit­tle won­der that you will boost your in­come by 2016 (which will be timely be­cause many of you will have in­creased re­spon­si­bil­i­ties with chil­dren then). A sense of op­ti­mism and belief in your­self will en­hance your com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills in 2017 (which is great for writ­ers, teach­ers and ac­tors). The best year in over a decade for real-es­tate spec­u­la­tion and im­prov­ing your home will be 2018. Fam­ily life will be en­riched, and ev­ery­one will en­joy a va­ca­tion in 2019, a play­ful and ro­man­tic year. By 2020, your health will be vi­brant and you will love your job. MANTRA: It is time to dis­cover who I re­ally am. h

( AUG. 23 – SEPT. 22)

Now is the time to se­cure your home base. If you aren’t happy with where you live, you will make ma­jor re­pairs or move. In Au­gust, lucky Jupiter en­ters your sign for the first time since 2004, be­stow­ing good for­tune upon you. In 2017, your earn­ings will in­crease, and from 2018 to 2020, you will learn more about your­self. Some will have a love af­fair with some­one older. Mean­while, 2019 will be the best time in over a decade for real-es­tate deals and home im­prove­ments. And fam­ily life will shine! Ro­mance is promised for 2020, along with va­ca­tions, ba­bies, joy from chil­dren and op­por­tu­ni­ties in the arts and the en­ter­tain­ment world. MANTRA: My good for­tune be­gins with a new 12-year cy­cle.

( SEPT. 23 – OCT. 22)

This is a popular year, and your ide­al­ism is aroused. By help­ing oth­ers, you help your­self. Keep this in mind be­cause in Septem­ber 2016, Jupiter re­turns to your sign for the first time since 2005. Dur­ing 2015 to 2018, you will ex­plore res­i­den­tial moves, job changes or both. This could be why 2018 brings a sweet boost to your in­come. In the 2018 to 2019 time frame, you will strive to es­tab­lish a firm an­chor for your­self in the world, es­pe­cially with your home. And you will suc­ceed—by 2020, you will love your home, and your fam­ily life will be happy and joy­ful. (This is also a great year for real es­tate.) MANTRA: The more I help oth­ers, the more they help me.

( OCT. 23 – NOV. 22)

You are on a jour­ney to rein­vent your­self, which will take about five more years. In the mean­time, this year you can put your name up in lights. Ex­pect a pro­mo­tion, pub­lic recog­ni­tion and the es­teem of your peers. Nat­u­rally, this leads to in­creased pop­u­lar­ity next year, which then leads to a time of good for­tune when Jupiter re­turns to your sign in 2018. You will make choices then: You will change jobs or res­i­dences or both dur­ing 2018 to 2020. In­deed, in 2020, you will be so con­fi­dent that your plans for the fu­ture will be larger and more ex­pan­sive than ever be­fore. And by then, of course, the “new you” will make her de­but. (Hello, world!) MANTRA: I am now in touch with what I can do.

( NOV. 23 – DEC. 21)

You will love 2015 be­cause it’s full of travel op­por­tu­ni­ties and ways to ex­pand your world through pub­lish­ing, the me­dia, medicine, the law and higher ed­u­ca­tion. You will sail into 2016 to re­ceive awards, pro­mo­tions and pub­lic ac­knowl­edge­ment for your ac­com­plish­ments, which, at the same time, will usher you into a com­pletely new world. What­ever this new cy­cle is, one thing is cer­tain: You will be popular. Work with oth­ers in 2017 for your own ben­e­fit. In 2019, lucky Jupiter re­turns to your sign (for the first time since 2007) to boost your con­fi­dence and make life eas­ier. Fol­low­ing this, your earn­ings will in­crease. Wow! This is when you will treat your­self to the trea­sures you’ve al­ways wanted. MANTRA: It’s my turn to pur­sue travel and dis­cov­ery. ■

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