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t’s pro­nounced “moo,” and it means “vir­gin” in Old Norse. Also, her real name is Karen Marie Ørsted, and the ad­dic­tive pop on her al­bum, No Mytholo­gies to Fol­low, sounds like the love child of Sam Smith and Grimes (which is why we asked her to pro­vide the sound­track for our Dior-col­lab videos this month; see page 61). What else do you need to know about the next big Dane in pop? YOU AL­READY KNOW HER. (YOU JUST DON’T KNOW IT.) Mø is huge in her na­tive Den­mark (Break­through Artist of the Year at the 2014 Dan­ish Mu­sic Awards was just one of three awards she won that night), but you most likely know her for singing the swag­ger­ing hook on Iggy Aza­lea’s Bill­board Top 40 hit “Beg for It.” SHE’S NO IN­GENUE, AND THAT’S A GOOD THING. Mø is 26, which is like 65 in pop-star years, and she brings a hard-won sense of self to her new fame. “In the be­gin­ning, peo­ple were say­ing ‘This is so hot now; you should do it’ and I was like ‘Maybe.’ But I’ve learned I’m fuck­ing ter­ri­ble at play­ing a role. If I know it’s not me and I try it any­way, it al­ways fails. I’m bad at fak­ing it!” She has also been around long enough to re­al­ize how un­likely her suc­cess is: “I never thought I would be rich and fa­mous. I’ve al­ways known that this is an in­dus­try where not a lot of peo­ple make it.” (Her “backup plan” was “to be an artist, fundrais­ing and living off what [she] can get.”) HER FAVOURITE SPICE GIRL IS MEL C. The Spice Girls were Mø’s first mu­si­cal love. When she got a lit­tle older, she moved on to “strong, edgy” role mod­els like Kim Gor­don and Karen O and ac­tu­ally spent 10 years on the punk scene, but her goal re­mained the same: to make mu­sic. “I’ve been dreaming about it since I was seven. You don’t dare say your dreams out loud be­cause you’re afraid to fail, but, yeah, I want to take over the world!” SHE MAKES IN­TENSE EYE CON­TACT. Mø writes songs as ther­apy (mostly about “feel­ing as con­fused now as when [she] was 15”), so her lyrics aren’t short on drama. “On­stage, I dig into the feel­ings and go into a more pri­mal, ba­sic state in­stead of the con­trolled, so­cial per­son of daily life. I love look­ing into the eyes of a stranger and singing right to them.” THE AWARDS AND AC­CO­LADES ARE GRAVY. Mø says her big­gest achieve­ment is be­ing a de­cent hu­man be­ing: “When I’ve been work­ing hard and then I go and do a good job in a ses­sion, and I’m kind to peo­ple even though I’m fuck­ing tired—that’s when I’m like ‘Karen, you did good there.’” ■

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