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The au­thor of French Women Don’t Get Fat is back with a sexy new vol­ume, Meet Paris Oys­ter. Na­turelle­ment, we had to ask the quin­tes­sen­tial Parisi­enne about love, food and what to cook for a French lover. (Spoiler: It in­volves but­ter.)

Q Guil­laume and I are hot and heavy right now, but he talks so much about miss­ing French cui­sine that I’m wor­ried he’s go­ing to leave me for his ma­man’s coq au vin. Help! “Hav­ing dated quite a few dif­fer­ent na­tion­al­i­ties—

quite a while ago, I con­fess—I can guar­an­tee you will im­press any man with hanger steak and fin­ger­ling pota­toes roughly mashed with some good but­ter. Add boiled hari­cots verts for colour

and nu­tri­tional bal­ance— et voilà.” Q Is it un-French to use Tin­der? “You have to fish where the fish are.”

Q I get “hangry,” and it has ru­ined a few dates. How can I dine late in the evening like a soignée Parisi­enne? “Dining in France is as much about con­ver­sa­tion and con­vivi­al­ity as good food, so per­haps French­women just lose them­selves while wait­ing. How­ever, hunger grows, so French­women eat with their heads. Have some­thing be­fore—maybe a hard-boiled egg or a few ta­ble­spoons of yo­gourt with fruit.” ■

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