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I do love to read your mag­a­zine, but I would like to ex­press dis­plea­sure with an item in the May 2015 is­sue. I am 52, well trav­elled, cul­tured and open­minded and have lived around the world. Most im­por­tant, I am of the gen­er­a­tion that still finds the F-word shock­ing. I re­al­ized some time ago that the pro­fan­ity spo­ken by celebri­ties dur­ing in­ter­views needs to be tran­scribed word for word (I still pre­fer the gen­tle eu­phemism f**k), but find­ing the F-word in the news snip­pets that I love to read was highly dis­ap­point­ing. I re­fer specif­i­cally to the ELLE Radar piece “Barely Fa­mous,” about Sara and Erin Foster. It was in­ter­est­ing and well writ­ten, but it was a shame to have to read the pro­fan­ity in the fi­nal line. Why not rise above the crowd and pro­vide an ex­am­ple of qual­ity prose rather than sink­ing to the base norm? Jac­que­line La­Plante, email

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