Brows 101 (#on­fleek op­tional).

How to cre­ate (or fake) the per­fect eye­brow.

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Maybe you missed all the brow-fo­cused beauty looks that have been hap­pen­ing on the run­way for the past, like, 900 sea­sons. That’s fine. No one expects you to be an Insta fol­lower for ev­ery trend you see. (Glit­ter lip tat­toos, RIP.) But brows are a thing, and here’s why: When they’re well groomed and filled in, they com­plete any makeup look and give def­i­ni­tion to the eyes and face even if you aren’t wear­ing makeup. Here’s what you need to suc­ceed:

AP­PLI­CA­TION Start by brush­ing your brows up, says Lori Tay­lor Davis, global pro lead artist for Smash­box Cos­met­ics. Then “ap­ply light lay­ers and build colour by ap­ply­ing the prod­uct for­ward and back­wards, which gives the brow a dif­fer­ent tex­ture and helps it to look nat­u­ral, not coated or masky. Brush them up again and you’re good!”

KEEP IT REAL Look­ing to fill in sparse brows? Seek out a cream-tex­tured prod­uct in­stead of a pow­der-based one, which of­ten leaves things look­ing a lit­tle too de­fined or painted on. Cream- or wax-tex­tured prod­ucts also help to boost vol­ume be­cause they build up on the hair, not on the skin un­der­neath.

GET SHADY The colour you need is lighter than you think: Go a shade or two lighter than your nat­u­ral hair colour to avoid Bert brows. An­other way to keep it nat­u­ral is to blend the prod­uct ac­cord­ing to the nat­u­ral fill of your eye­brow. Most brows are lighter at their start, get denser in the mid­dle and then taper off lighter at the end.

STREAM­LINE “The closer you bring your brows to­gether, the slim­mer that area is go­ing to look,” says Jared Bai­ley, global brow author­ity for Ben­e­fit Cos­met­ics. “If you want a slen­der-look­ing nose, bring those points a bit closer to­gether.” Do the same if you want to bring wider-set eyes closer to­gether.

NOTE: Be­fore you be­gin, pull up an im­age of Cara Delev­ingne on your phone to keep you fo­cused and/or in­spired.

Dior Sour­cils Poudre Pow­der Eye­brow Pen­cil in Ash Blonde ($33) has the fin­ish of a pow­der but gives struc­ture like a wax.

The bright­en­ing shimmer for­mula in

Smash­box Brow Tech High­light Stick in Bronze Shimmer ($24) gives blond brows a sub­tle golden tex­ture.

Clinique Just Brows­ing BrushOn Styling Mousse in Light Brown ($19) is great for thin brows that need pump­ing up.

Ur­ban De­cay Tinted Brow Tamer ($24) comes in four shades, and its gel-like for­mula keeps hairs in place with­out leav­ing them sticky.

YSL Cou­ture Brow in Glazed Brown ($50) has a build­able for­mula that adds vol­ume and lon­glast­ing def­i­ni­tion. For de­tails, see Shop­ping Guide.

Ben­e­fit Brow Zings Brow Shap­ing Kit ($42) con­tains tweez­ers, wax for shap­ing and a pow­der to shade any gaps.

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