What lies be­neath

Well­ness is more than skin deep.

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HOW DID MON­TREAL’S Jen­nifer Brodeur be­come the go-to fa­cial­ist for celebs like Michelle Obama, Oprah and Ash­ley Gra­ham? It could be her sig­na­ture LED treat­ment. It could also be her lux­u­ri­ous plant-based Peoni Skin­care line. But it also has plenty to do with her unique life­style-first ap­proach to skin­care. “There’s a cor­re­la­tion be­tween what you put in your body and what you see on your skin,” she says. “Ev­ery­thing is con­nected.”

HOW SHE IN­COR­PO­RATES WELL­NESS INTO HER TREAT­MENTS “A lot of peo­ple have this idea that what we do is su­per­fi­cial— ‘Oh, you just do skin.’ But it goes so much deeper. I sit with women and look at ev­ery­thing. First of all, what does the day look like for you? What do you do for work? Be­cause that is a big in­di­ca­tor of the type of stress [some­one might be ex­pe­ri­enc­ing]. Are you eat­ing late at night? Are you skip­ping meals? When we’re able to change lit­tle life­style habits or how we’re cleans­ing or tak­ing care of our skin, it be­comes a rit­ual— and that’s when the well­ness step comes in. It’s more than just cleans­ing your face; it’s this whole rou­tine of ‘How am I re­spect­ing the skin that I have?’”

WHAT WELL­NESS MEANS TO HER “For me, well­ness is not about bal­ance. The idea that ‘If I can be bal­anced, then I will be well’—it’s this in­ces­sant com­pe­ti­tion of try­ing to at­tain it. ‘Well­ness’ means that I’m present in the mo­ment I’m in right now. So, for ex­am­ple, if I’m work­ing, I’m 100 per­cent work­ing. If I’m home, I’m 100 per­cent home.”

HER SELF-CARE STRAT­EGY “I know that if I don’t take half an hour to just be by my­self in the morn­ing, [my day doesn’t go well]. I wake up; I med­i­tate; I make sure I’m out with na­ture, hik­ing. It’s all about tak­ing care of my­self first—if I do that, I’m a much bet­ter mom, I’m a bet­ter wife, I’m a bet­ter friend and I’m a bet­ter boss too.” WHAT SHE LEARNED FROM OPRAH “That with ev­ery­thing I choose to do, I have to un­der­stand what the in­tent be­hind do­ing it is. As women, we’re of­ten peo­ple pleasers, but Oprah said to me, ‘Ev­ery time you say yes to some­thing just be­cause you think you have to, you’re not do­ing it for the right rea­sons.’ So now if I feel like the in­tent is against my per­sonal val­ues or what I want to do, I say no. It’s em­pow­er­ing!”

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