Arc It’s been seven years since Ago­ra­pho­bic Nose­bleed un­leashed their last full-length al­bum, Ago­rapoc­a­lypse, so a new re­lease from the leg­endary grind­core act has been highly an­tic­i­pated, to say the least. They’ve switched things up with their new­est of­fer­ing, a three-song sludge/ doom EP dubbed Arc, and the re­sults are pleas­antly sur­pris­ing. Who would have thought a band known for some of the most in­tense and ex­tremely vis­ceral grind could be this crush­ing? Arc is the first in a four-EP se­ries that will rep­re­sent the in­flu­ences of each band mem­ber, re­spec­tively; this re­lease clearly high­lights the tastes of vo­cal­ist Kat Katz, whose pre­vi­ous work in doom band Salome was noth­ing short of stun­ning. “Not a Daugh­ter” starts the 25-minute-long EP with some typ­i­cal feed­back, but in­stead of fast, vi­o­lent chaos, it leads into dense, sludge-soaked riffs and Katz’s abra­sive howl. “Deathbed” is an ex­cep­tion­ally dark and heavy doom­style dirge, filled with Scott Hull’s murky gui­tar work that tran­si­tions mid­way through to epic, stoner rock ter­ri­tory. “Gnaw” fin­ishes the EP with mono­lithic, earth-shattering grooves that dis­solve and build back up, each time heav­ier than the last, through­out the 12-minute track. While some fans might have reser­va­tions about this side of Ago­ra­pho­bic Nose­bleed, what they’ve done on Arc is out­stand­ing. Em­brace it. (Re­lapse, re­ DENISE FAL­ZON Chthe’ilist pound, groove, thrash and con­jure up dis­so­nant, tech­ni­cal hymns from the murky la­goons of a fourth di­men­sion on their new LP, Le Dernier Cré­pus­cule. Un­ques­tion­ably in­debted to such old-school greats like Demilich and Adram­elech, the record shoots the lis­tener through a worm­hole, wherein one is stretched, flat­tened and torn asun­der by ten­tac­u­loid riffs and rhythms. The mu­si­cian­ship is top-notch; tone and style com­bine to build an omi­nous at­mos­phere, where the licks groove, blast-beats thun­der and so­los rip, all while re­tain­ing a good sense of struc­ture and bal­ance through­out each com­po­si­tion. The bass here war­rants a spe­cial men­tion: It’s never con­tent to sim­ply hide be­hind the rest of the tech­ni­cal on­slaught, ri­valling the gui­tar work with equal pre­ci­sion and metic­u­lous­ness, pulling you into its mer­cu­rial or­bit. With seven songs clock­ing in at nearly 53 min­utes, there’s plenty of space here

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